Thursday, November 01, 2007

Some Frenzy.

Sketching really does help me work details out. Today I found a photo of Bolivian girls who live on an isolated island in a lake (!) carrying sticks home to their fires and I realized the way they had fabric tied around them was the way Rana should transport Kyra into the desert to find help for Tarn. It's the perfect sort of Halfland way of doing things (and makes me wonder whether one gets to Halfland through Bolivia!) The cloth will be wet to keep the fishywench moist and comfortable.

I had planned to get a lot more 1/2Landing done today than I did. I'd like to get a better handle on time but that is one slippery little frog! I did watch Nightmare Before Christmas twice, in increasing awe. I see more wonderful detail in that masterpiece at each viewing. Hats off to Phil Dale and Jim Aupperle and all the talented others that brought their fantastic gifts to that work. The scene of Sally singing in the alley has got to be the most beautifully lighted and performed film, of any kind, made. But I digress.

So much Halfland goes on in my head everyday. It's truly exciting and stimulating and delicious and frustrating. Frustrating because I'm having difficulty getting as much done as I'd like (understatement). I'm sure many reading this can relate, I'm sure the situation is universal. I goad myself into being grateful, that this is not a bad problem to have in life. Yet I have persisted in tantruming all week.

If someone appeared on my doorstep and was at all dexterous I swear I'm ready to enlist them to do some of Halfland. I would enjoy doing it all myself because it is so much fun but I see that time has its strictly finite seeming ways and I had better get on with cooperating with that.


  1. If you're seriously ready to bring in some help... Have you thought about Craigslist?

    The vision of what you're doing is cool enough, I'll bet there are people out there who'd be happy to come and help, free-of-charge. You could frame it as an "art play date" or a "mentoring process."

    If you want to screen people before they lay paws on actual set and prop materials, maybe "art play date" would be the way to go.

    Seriously -- living in a place as big as LA, you don't have to be alone in this project if you don't want to be.

  2. Thanks, Sven. I'd really have to know a person well before I'd trust them with me, let alone Halfland. A woman was just murdered last week by a Craigslist job connection, for example.

    I had you over here, having only met you via our blogs, but I felt certain I knew you by reading your daily doings for over a year at the time. And sure enough, you were as nice as I had assessed, nicer. Happy Birthday!!!!

    I have been looking for a helper here, but none has flowed-in yet. Downstairs Clare would have been an absolute dream! He's perfectly equipped in set building know-how and heavy machinery. Unfortunately, his health condition is currently too challenging for him to do anything. Send good thoughts his way, all, if you would.

    I'll keep my eye open for someone.

  3. Anonymous4:53 AM

    I would love to be local & able to volunteer on Halfland. I love the whole concept.
    So if there is ever anything I can do from the other side of the country let me know

  4. Rachael DiRenna!! It was my fondest SECRET wish that you would create something for Halfland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The MOMENT I saw your nature spirit maches I thought you should be the one to make the whole film's finale featured creation of...

    The Flowering Thoughts!!!

    These are the flowers that grow as shoots out of the sage master head and then his patient, Tarn's, into fully blooming flowers! They are partly human as your sprites are in exactly the ways your amazing sculptures I posted last week are!!

    I'm going to email you to see if you are serious about having something of yours featured in Halfland!!! Oh, my God, I would LOVE this beyond measure!!!! We gotta talk!

  5. Anonymous12:21 PM

    O yes I'm serious - thank you so much!
    I've just emailed you back.

  6. Anonymous3:27 PM

    You know I'd love to help on Halfland... thought of moving the tree Downunder? ;)

    I know what you mean by time slipping, my projects keep falling behind in the juggle for resources. Frustrating is one word for it...

    I agree totally with the assessment with on Sally's scene. But then again maybe I'm a sentimentalist, between the sad song and the film style it's very easy to get a little misty eyed over that one. My other pick for brilliantly animated scenes are the scenes inside the rolling peach at the beginning of James and the Giant Peach. Even that five second scene of the peach hitting the rooster is one of my fav frame by framers. Simply stunning work.

  7. Time and Space, Time and Space, gotta work WITHIN Time and Space*, right. *But if I didn't have to work within Time and Space I'd have a big old refurbished factory (like the S&W abandoned canning factory I can see from here, looming like the old Wonka Works) set up for all of us, each with their own loft living and work space where we could flit from shop to shop contributing what we could to each other's projects, perhaps collaborating on some, giving classes to droves of newbees and holding red carpet screenings every night (fresh butter on the popcorn).

    Rich, stay tuned for an important new development in Halfland. Things are evolving in exciting ways I'd never imagined!

    I'll have to see the Peach again as I never noticed the wonderful opening you point out.

  8. I wish we could all live in a ware house, Although Shelley you wouldent because a certain someone would say "er Shelley, You dont have some more felting Wool, Oh and I hope you dont mind that I stole Bosq, and you dont have some yarn or Wool I could borrow, but not give back?"


    Keep on at it Shel!

  9. Anonymous2:42 PM

    I'm all a twitter in anticipation at your news! If it involves up scaling HalfLand, not in size of course, I shall raise a glass indeed.

    As for the factory idea, hmmmm, I always wanted to be an Oompa Loompa?

  10. Thanks, Ben! I would lend you anything! I'll put some wool in your gift kit as soon as you send me the Chicken Painter's painting! hint hint!~

  11. Is that real fabric you used on this sketch?

    Do you often use different materials and objects in your sketches? That's an interesting approach...

    I'm a total pencil-head when it comes to sketches!

  12. Thanks for asking Paul (42), I can't draw at all. Zip. Nothing. Nada. My Halfland sketches are all made with photographs and Adobe Photoshop filters.

    So yes, that is real fabric in this one, fabric I WOVE BY HAND!!! In real life on a real loom for Rana's skirt, for example. The fabric of the Kyra carry is the actual one from the image of the Bolivian girl mentioned.


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