Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sea Set Start

Kyra the mermaid's sculpt skin stumbles upon the undersea door to Halfland, guarded now by Nick Hilligoss' fabulous quadropode, now cast as sentry.

Sea Set Start from herself on Vimeo.Added a 12" (surprisingly smooth turning) Lazy Susan bearing to a crate to create a small tabletop stage for the Undersea scene.

Hawaiian undersea photographer and animator, John Hankins (aka; Castlegardener on the boards) sent his witty contribution to the scene. I opened the package in the car outside the post office in excitement, saw all the great disks of undersea photos John so generously included and a little soft foam sandwich? Then I read the note inside--and burst outloud laughing! He had made a Peanutbutter and Jelly FISH! So cute and clever. I LOVE it! Thank you John!

Thanks to everyone whose joined in the fun so far! (You've got time to get yours in the mail to me too! The Ides of March is 23 days away, mail takes about 5 days, leaving you more than two weeks still to build something! I'd love some seaweed or a paper school of fish... hello? hi, you've been thinking of it, c'mon! go ahead! *mail address at right>)

The other day I started sewing on aviary wire onto the cardboard set edges with wire. These wire forms will be sculpted into stream shoreline shapes. When the entire set is completely sculpted and mache-ed it'll be cut up into large fitted puzzle pieces that will allow access for animating. The Time Frog's pond is beginning to take shape under the cottage kitchen window. Below, the hard clay sculpt of him tries out his spot while a real frog shows how he'll look when half-submerged in digitally made water.

Big Halfland News
Brilliantly talented Guest Artist, Rachael DiRennasent a few snaps today of her experimenting with sculpting Flowering Thoughts for Halfland. I love the barely there faces and torn paper texture of these especially and told her she was nailing it! This is going to be great!

And today also heralded the return of Hila! Who has re-hooked up her computer after a transcontinental move and expressed her desire to make a Halfland fish!!! WOOT!


  1. These sculptures are so exciting! I love the PBJ fish, and the flowering thoughts - so cool! It's so much fun to see how this is all coming together.
    And this entry makes me want to try sculpting!

  2. Thanks, Jessica Marie, you totally should try sculpting! It's fun. And in the meantime too, how about a little woolen starfish?

    You could use any scraps of wool yarn you may have from knitting all those gorgeous socks and knit a tiny bit, wash it in hot water to felt it up, then cut it into a star shape! It won't unravel so you don't even need to sew the edges! Add some stitched or button eyes! and send it in!

    It'll go swell with Gretchin's little scarlet star felt number (see it in slide show at right>)

  3. This is the most exciting post! I loved seeing the squids at the door, and seeing the video of the set.....this makes me want to see some animation soon! When?!?!?

  4. Aw, thank you, Ryan! ME TOO! When when when!? It'd really the Nick puppets that are screaming out the loudest to be animated!

    They are so inspiring. It's all his experience with creating super characters and animating that make even the way he's painted them seem so vividly alive!

    Arghhh! Animation Lust.

  5. The thought flowers look awesome!!! And it's so cool to see all the fish puppets coming together. Exciting times at .5Land!

  6. .5Land... Hee!

    Thanks, Mikeeeeee! When you like things, it's officially ok to me!

  7. @Mike hi, I, being a total boob when it comes to computers, have never been able to configure my email to programs like "Mail" and have been using a web-based browser called, AT&T/Yahoo mail for the last 5 years. Have tried setting up through something like that yet?

    It's a matter of setting up the ppp or the port d'jour or something. I've never been able to get any other programs working. Yahoo mail has worked consistently with a DSL through my sbc phoneline here. It's free with ads, blech, or pay to have peace.



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