Friday, September 26, 2008

Getting Cyched!!!

Sneak Peek: Glacially slow but steady progress is being made on the main set's backdrop. It's happening. When I'm not overwhelmed, it's actually a little fun. Hoping to give a big reveal over the weekend. Take good care.


  1. Anonymous9:23 AM

    So far so good, horizon line at hight of puppet eyeline..I can smell the ocean, hear the shore...that seagull is stealing my the very lest this is going to be magical!

  2. Twilight at Halfland! ....

    (I'm going to start making your fish puppet soon!)

  3. I can see it all Herself!

    very exciteing!


  4. Yeah, that shot looks cool! A little island. And even though you can see the chairs and stuff all around, it still looks real!

  5. *Bobs up and down in anticipation* Take your time, we can wait... *continues to bob up and down*

    Love the little doco on John Chiara BTW. Super cool! Crazy, but cool!

  6. hee hee, Melvyn! I know the seagull you are talking about. Everyone know that guy? There's this clip on YouTube of this seagull in Scotland was it? that walks into a little market every single day and pinches a bag of crisps off of a rack inside the store! Pretty hilarious.

    Birds is smarts. Off subject, but have any of you seen that Ted Talk about how smart Crows are? There's a clip in it of a crow bending a piece of wire into a hook to fetch a bit of meat from down in a tube. Scary smart. That's tool making right there.

    Anyhoo--yeah! Thanks for the cheers, Melvyn, Seamus, Justin, Mikeee, and Rich!!! I so appreciate your comments, each one. The eyeline of where the ocean falls is of interest to me, Melvyn. I'm hoping it will lower as the camera moves higher than that shot.

    And Mikee, you saying it looks real is so encouraging! I have to say, as I live with the set IT REALLY DOES LOOK REAL! even here! I haven't tried to water the tree...yet.

    Seamus, I would very very much like a fish for the undersea scene from you, truly. Can you make me a quickee before your exams? pleeease?

    And Rich, I'm bobbing over here like crazy. I have GOT to take a shot of our flat as after I clean it up when the sky install is done, no one will believe what I've put dear Paul through, no one.

    Imagine a big place without a single square inch of free floor space. It's been total chaos. So there's a big pressure to get this sky done!

  7. Anonymous12:51 AM

    Looks like Halfland has had a visit from Christo, with that big sheet of plastic draped across the sky and over the land...

  8. Mr Nick! You can't see it in the small picture, but you are more right than you may know! I took painted paper and wrapped the pipes and lighting fixtures on the ceiling. It couldn't be more like Christo! HA!

  9. Anonymous4:48 AM

    Oooh, the suspense!!!

    Looks great so far, from this glimpse...

    And thanks for the photographer clip in your sidebar... very interesting work!

  10. Thanks Stephanie, I really like that mini docu on John Chiara too. Processing the giant exposures in a length of sewer pipe!? CRAZY inventive!


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