Wednesday, December 03, 2008


I stared at these stairs for a long time. How exactly could Rana the goat woman walk down such a steep path (on the left)? Rustic steps were in order.

I let me hands work without my head once again and sawed some branches for risers and braces with newspaper/cardboard-based steps to fit. I checked the stride with the Rana stand in puppet, looked great, really charming on the set. I'll keep going until the pathway from her door to the stream makes sense.

I Googled for images of a "primitive natural steep footpath" (Don't you love using the Internet this way?!) and got a series of truly helpful reference images (below). I had no idea how to make it happen, especially since I thought I was done with building the set. But I realized the steps on the pathway had to be built up with papier maché and be be made to look like ground before I could begin to plant the grass and other foliage.

Christmas 08 Workshop has begun as well
This year the Vintage toy is animation related and far far easier to create than any so far. I believe I can do this in the time allotted before mailout. Hmm, I wonder what can be made with these wooden shapes for Christmas? hohoho. You'll see if you're on my card list! (email your mailing address (kept private always) to nobledesign[at]sbcglobal[dot]net with "xmas" in the title and you're on it!)

And... KIDDING! Found this on and couldn't resist pretending that I'd made an even tinier caterpillar! Willyou look at how small those wild whiskers are?!


  1. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Crikey, you're at it again, another step along the way! Nice looking pathway coming along - I can get the feel of being there from those photos. (Nice to see the famous barrel in the background too.)
    Can't figure out what those little turned wooden shapes are for though...

  2. Thanks so much, Nick!

    You will indeed see what those little turned shapes will do this Christmas! You're on the handmade card list! It's animation related. woo.

  3. I meant to comment here yesterday but got lost over at cuteoverload. If you're modelling off those photos (I too love google images for exactly that reason) I'm sure your steps with be amazing. I wonder how many times Rana has wandered up and down that path?

    You should still have my postal address. I hope I'm on the list. If only to find out what on earth you're making this year :)


  4. Cuteoverload = crack or prozac. I subscribe to the feed and ooogle each post. I print out the ones that really really make my smile and put them in a little book. So it's a curated collection from the already Cuteoverload well curated collection = totalcuteoverload.

    There is also an but I could only handle one visit and haven't been back. I saw things there that I'd have rather never seen and known about. Serious.

    About the wear of the Rana path--great point! Thanks! I should totally make the center worn from her hoofing it over the years! woo. All that fine noticing you did on the buildings around you has helped me out too.

    And YES! You are indeed on the xmas card list.

    Anyone reading this who got last years' will be mailed this years' as well. If you haven't received a card and would like to be on the list, just email and give a mailing address (always kept private).

  5. Hey,

    Those steps will add alot To the set....I fully endorse your expansion!! Cant wait to see You puppet walkin down them.


  6. Thanks for the butt kick, JRiggs, I better get back to them now. I got side tracked on indoor props today.

    You know, I may just "suggest" Rana walks down those stairs with some fancy film technique edits and such. Like she picks up the barrel under her arm and starts to step down the path--next thing she's at the water edge scooping up the fishy wench. Dig?

    Will see how it looks if I try to animate the walking. Will cut as needed.


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