Wednesday, January 21, 2009

SPECIAL FIELD REPORT: Gerald's Last Day LA Premiere

My husband, Paul and I brought two of our closest friends, who are digging the independent stop motion flicks we've been showing them, to the event. We arrived on a perfect California day just as the Rasch family was arriving to get set up.

Friends of Halfland, Justin and Shel Rasch, did a spectacular thing last Sunday. They rented out a classic movie theater in Pasadena, California and invited all their friends, fans, and loved ones, to a screening of their first ever Stop-Motion animation they've produced together. Like the film itself, Justin and Shel footed the bill for the event themselves. And here's one of the cool things about it, not to further its distribution, or to get a deal, or to garner more paid work, whatever. They did it because to them, sharing the WIN they had in finishing it with people who care about them was most important. That rocks all kinds of ways.

We were greeted so warmly by the entire family, which was very appreciated! Thank you! The full-house crowd admired the statues of the film's characters on display in the lobby. Justin and his kids hosted the throngs of animators, friends, and well wishers. Everyone seemed satisfied and happy as they buzzed after the mini-festival, especially Miss Adeon and her best friend!

The audience took their place. Justin and Shel introduced the event to the crowd. I loved the way their shadows were 25' tall, just like in real life. It was exciting to see their own poster at the theater's entrance. The folks enjoyed popcorn, candy, and drinks like at a regular show, only this was better. Children of all ages romped around. I caught one fast moving little one coming down the aisle! First shot of the big film--it was fantastic. We all loved it!

All the shows in the Raschs minifest were laugh out loud great, each one. Their post has all the details about them. But the biggest thrill was getting to finally see Gerald's Last Day in full. And it did not disappoint. It was every bit as great as I expected over the last few years of watching them create it via their blog. And the music was perfectly matched to it in style, tone, and mood. Everyone involved should be thrilled.

They've made something real, that makes the audience feel something real and worthwhile. All I can say is that our cats are way lucky there wasn't an animal shelter open on Sundays in Pasadena!

Take a bow, guys. We're all thrilled and proud of you.


  1. Man! I wish I still lived in CA!!!
    Congrats, you guys! What a neat event!

  2. Great to hear it went so well - sounds fantastic!

  3. Anonymous10:12 PM

    To the LOVE! I'll drink to that too.

  4. awesome! so sorry we couldn't be there!

  5. It's so great to see people sharing their achievements that way!

    So, Shel, when's your big event ;)

  6. Me? When can you fly over...on your own power? Prolly around then. Feels that way.

    I'll be able to give a more feasible date when the set(s) are complete and the puppets done and have animated a chapter or two, then I'll an a year to that estimate for post production.

    I'm thinking 2011 for done done, but chapters will be shown all along the way as they are done.

  7. Nick H9:31 PM

    Thanks for the eyewitness report Shel! I got an invite, and would love to have seen it on the big screen, but a 26 hour flight from Down Under wasn't really a possibility.

    2011 eh?

  8. Yeah, that would be a looooong trip for a short film! Good move. You'll see it in full soon enough I'm sure, if you haven't yet.

    2011 yeah. Realistically. Intended. Although the Halfland series might just keep the hell going after all the work I'm putting into the set(s)


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