Friday, February 20, 2009

TRTUL Arrives!

I'm on multiple deadlines for cool (done as gifts--ack!) invitation designs but I HAAAD to pop in to post about the most wonderful thing Paul picked up in the mail today. Justin and Shel Rasch are raising a wonderful person called Aedon. She won my heart the fist day I met her over at her place. (She bid me goodbye by saying sweetly, "Bye Bye, Shell-Shell"--I melt forever.) She's been over here a couple of times since and has even added her flowers to a painted garden on our wall.

Well, today she sent over an adorable little package with the note above folded inside. I swooooon! YES! Yes, Miss Aedon you darling dear, I would indeed LOVE to feature your Turtle puppet in my movie!! Thank you so much! That was so nice of you and I am thrilled to have a piece of your art in Halfland! (Little does she know that I will also be framing the note above and having it nearby on the wall of my studio--FOREVAH! That made my day and was one of the nicest things that I've probably ever received. (Thank you too, Justin and Shel)

The Chair Report

Just to show there's also been action in Halfland, just to show it hasn't all been ballet, housekeeping, designing, and Coraline bitterness here... I've been progressing along on a few chairs for the set.

I noticed the upholstered chair was looking DULL in the cottage next to all the bright fuschia silk window seat cushions I've been making so I mixed up a small batch of fabric dye and sloshed it all over the chair. It didn't bring it to pink but it did hit the brighter wine color I was hoping for. I've also switched the chair's doilies to wonderful hand crochet pieces in the right scale that I cut up for the three spots. I first washed them with a bright Indian Yellow paint and then toned them back to ocher with a soak in dilute walnut ink. They will be sewn on and finished well. I like how the piece across the back will suggest hair on a head.

I've also taken a great little store bought chair and sliced the mofo in HALF! HA! Sanded her down where wear would be and sloshed on the ink and paint mix. I'll either build a HALF table to blend with it or set it against a wall in the cottage as if the cottage grew around it.

And the last photo, on the lower right, shows the living chair for the porch. It started as a rocking chair from a store that I took pieces off of and added others to including the olive tree branch with hand-painted silk leaves attached one by one. Once on the porch the vines will be hung with wisteria-like blooms as though the chair was mostly formed as the vine grew on the porch. {People do this kind of thing you know!)

There's A LOT more to say about Halfland innovations/enhancements/ideas that has come to my mind that I dearly love. Please God, more action in building it all soon!


  1. Aw, what a sweet gesture! That note is hi-larious.

  2. Yes! Truly a keeper!

    You know you are also invited to make a undersea creature puppet for the underwater scene too, right Elva? All artistic levels are happily welcome, from top professional masterpieces all the way to children's.

    You are doing enough by being the very important and only live action actress in the film, but hey, just wanted you to know you are invited!

    (And to anyone else reading this, every visitor to this blog is invited.... please see the details in the sidebar at right>)

  3. Shelley, what a sweet little creature Aedon designed! It looks like she is on her way becoming a very creative woman!

    Your action in Halfland... Again I am totally amazed with the artwork you designed there. I love the little crocket pieces over that wine colored chair. You really inspire me to work on every little pieces of a stopmotion set in detail.

    I wish you more and more action in building all of your ideas in it soon!!

    I have decided what to design for sending you a undersea creature puppet :) Will make soon.. Lets see if it turns out to be something you would like.

  4. YAY, YAZ! Yes, action in Halfland here PLEASE GOD! I've had some great ideas last week. Little things like moving the clouds on fishing line behind the scrim, etc. How to make the time flies oh! and Birds in hats hats made out of FLOWERS AND NUTS! ACK! (fainting from excitement)

    I'm thrilled to think you have an idea for an undersea creature for the film! You have to make something! You're my tree daughter. (Yaz, from Turkey!, made her own wonderful tree following this blog's documentation of how I made mine--thrilling me to no end!) hee. Thanks, Yaz!

  5. I totally could have made a better turtle than THAT! Hahahaha, kidding! Very cute and sweet.

    PS. Half chair - half tree. Awesome.

  6. "I totally could have made a better turtle than THAT!"

    OOoooooooooooooh Yeah?!!!!!!!

    Prove IT, Magumbo!

    {Gauntlet Throw Down 2009!}

  7. My tree teacher :) yeah great ideas.. Moving clouds and birds in hats made out of flowers! Cant wait to see these..

    Yep, I am going to make something. I have a photographer friend here. He is a professional diver also and the idea about the creature came from him for Halfland!

  8. truly sweet indeed!


  9. Will it be judged on cuteness or usability?

    Cause I aint gunna win tha cuteness contest agains' tha' thing!

  10. Thanks for making her, Justin.

    {Rich's Gauntlet Throw Down Challenge}
    Yeah, "better" is a question, eh?

    Your Turtle will be based on its own merit. Extra Bonus Points for a half-pun of some kind. Ask yourself what sort of creature would dwell in an ocean world of a land where everything is half of something else?!

  11. What a fantastic world. Awesome, really.
    I'll have to peek in every crack and corner to see what I can see.
    With best wishes,

  12. Karima! How nice to have you look in!

    We have the incredible Ullabenulla in common I think!?

    She puts together so many great connections that woman.

    I met the amazing model builder Hila Rosenberg Arazi through Ulla. I think Marcie, Halfland's Official Naturalist, who sends me fabulous plant material from the South to use on the set, found me through Ulla too.

  13. Rima too, I found Rima, one of the worlds finest storytellers and artists, from reading her comment on Ulla's blog.

  14. You inspire us all! Love the little turtle and can totally see it starring in your movie!

  15. Speak of the artist! Hi, Ulla!


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