Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Drapery Capers

Cirelle came over last Friday to help fabricate the curtains for the window by the cottage door. And I'm really happy with the design we came up with for it. You can see us mocking it up with our hands above, second from right.

It wasn't as I'd planned, but my hands chose an expensive embroidered blouse that I had in a bag to donate. I added wine-colored centers to each embroidered flower on the blouse's border, some with markers some with embroidery thread. Then over-painted the whole pale top with bright yellow dye.

We discovered on my reference wall a great sort of roman-shade style of hanging an embroidered folk curtain that will have this layer gathered up in two perfect spots to raise it.

The pleated wine-colored curtain layer over that will have acorn-spindle pull-backs on either side, finished with hand-made tassels.

Clearly I operate a downtown sweatshop. Here, on the right, you see how I make Cirelle work at the sewing machine for hours in the dark! She sewed all the edges on the three panels with perfect little scale hems.

Thanks, Cirelle. See you Friday to finish!

PS: Cirelle has been inspired to create a Halfland creature of her own. Here she is adding color to her sketch.


  1. Shelley, I really like the shade of yellow your friend used. They look kind of old and worn but yet sunny. Good combination

  2. Oh, Ben, I've missed your kind comments here. You have such a way with words! Lovely, yes, sunny lemon yellow!


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