Sunday, May 30, 2010

Insane Gains: Peak Progress Peek


  1. Oh my god, Shelley, the Time Frog is amazing! And so is the chandellier-lamp... Well done!
    I like his eyes, and his belly, and the little mushrooms... I'm in love with all the details... More! More!

    Oh, and by the way: today I finally ordered the ballon LEDs... ;)

  2. Yay! Thanks, Jessica, oh boy, more on its way!>>>

  3. think I'll order some more balloon lights too! So people can be at home in the mushroom village! xooxox

  4. little mushroom house! with a little red door!


  5. hi shell, been a while since i dropped by and i must say its all looking totally fantastical!
    loving concept the puppets sets and everything.

  6. hee, I agree with your !!!, Sylvi!!!

    Thanks, amoebaboy! It's getting fun now.

  7. Ok, I'm ready to move out of the spare room in Rana's cottage, I want to live in the Mushroom House now! (Um, unless it's an outhouse. Could be...) I wonder if it's bigger on the inside than on the outside?
    Is that the Time Frog in the top left? Something plaintive about his clockwork gaze...
    Great chandelier too, with the little shade for each candle.

  8. HI ya, Nick!! I think you're right, the mushroom houses must be bigger once one's inside it. I kinda figure that the houses were for tall skinny worms for whom the interior would be quite spacious, although I was going to leave the whole question to the imagination!

    Yep, the candles light, in case you didn't know and they each have outrageously fun little flames of fiber, feather, and mica!

    yep, that's the Ol'Time Frog. Plaintive, yep. But then I wanted Time to be enigmatic and unemotional, impenetrable, etc., like the sea.

    Will you be attending the party? You know, the insect party at the mushroom nectar cafe? Don't worry it's not as fruity as it sounds, more rollicking and lively merriment than precious.

  9. this is really exciting!!

    you are a locomotive train runnin at full speed!!!!


  10. Chugga chugga, Justin! fanx.

  11. What you don't "hear" here is the squeeelllls of delight as Shelley and I admired the mushrooms in their little grove cafe.

  12. Anonymous5:20 AM

    Hooray for progress and thank you for the peek! I LOVE that frog, I do. And the mushrooms... darling.

  13. Oh, can't wait till you are in the mood to give details..looks fabulous so far,,,I emailed you from
    mail me back! well when you can, creativity rules.

  14. Go Shelley Go!

    btw I meant to comment on your dandelion lightning from a while back... GENIUS!!

  15. Hi Marcie! Haven't seen any email?

    Thanks, Stefanie! Thanks for visiting!

  16. (^ ah but if I only felt like a road trip

  17. Yeah, here is the wonderful chandellier-lamp! Time-frog!!!! Can I steal the idea of making gears of out of paper? You will animate those right? I remember you mention about paper gears in some of the posts. Have you posted details about the timefrog? I am reading your posts backwords. From the newest to the oldest. Let me see if there is any post about time frog.


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