Saturday, June 26, 2010

No Internet for a bit: Working on Halfland

Cat vomit + surge suppressor + my ham-fisted attempts to reconfigure + no one handy to help deep tech = no internet at home for a bit.

BUT!!!! There's so much action going on in Halfland, I'm a just little wee bit glad!

I was showing Sherie around the progress last night (after she and I were building an incredible paper palm tree for the desert set!) and I was taken aback by what I was showing her. I mean I've been having the time of my life building things for the project but to see how much has been actually done now and how truly pleased I am with the way its all turning out was kind of an objective progress report. One that I am surprised at loving this much. My only regret at the moment is not having the ability/time to document it here. It's a criminal lack of wonderful information at this point! Photos are archived already of each step however.

I'm hatching a slick, fast plan to catch readers here up on (what I feel are) the AWESOME results!

In the meanwhile, trust that I'm wailing away on all fronts of it in bliss.

Be well, each of you, and may you enjoy these precious days of making your art. I remain your fan.

[written from dear Paul's office laptop]


  1. Sometimes cats are wise creatures... unhelpful as as a feline upchuck may have seemed at the time! Hope you get lots of satisfying results during your internet exile!

  2. m_) Agree with nick, here.

    m_) Also hoping its only a internet-stop not an artistic-blockage.
    m_) That'd be my case this two months and a half...

    but not wishing that to anybody, of coursee not.

  3. Curses, foiled by cat barf!

  4. Hello from Paul's desk! YOU GUYS!!!! Major good work being done--twenty two things at once. New fronts being opened in the battle, hopefully with a better outcome than when Napoleon did the same.

    Not having internet at home is fantastic for Halfland b/c there's nothing else to do while at home. I had done way too much over the past few weeks and exhausted myself and was so worn out Saturday that I had to sleep to live instead of progress the projects forward.

    But look out, I'm stealing just a few more days of web blackness to go at it hard again the first of this week.

    The only bummer is not showing you pix! Taking them though.

    I'm giving the cat a raise!

  5. Copying your post here for you:))
    Be well, -you, and may you enjoy these precious days of making your art. I remain your fan.


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