Saturday, June 18, 2011

Do You Know The Answer?

Do you know this fellow? He has all the answers.
This is a teaser shot of another set-on-set near the end of it being completely built and done. It was started from zero just the other day. I've been obsessively working on it straight through, grabbing moments here, hours there, days too.

Whose house is this? Is it made of mud and roots? Is it furnished with hand-crafted traditional furnishings? What goes on behind the eye on the left?  Where does the tunnel mouth lead?

All the answers to your questions will be revealed in the next post...


  1. I don't know.... and it's killing me! There's your next post up there, and it doesn't reveal anything more about who occupies this cosy earth home!
    Could it be the writing mouse? Or a character we haven't seen yet? Could be for a bird, with that perch-like branch there...

  2. WOW! So sorry to keep you in suspense, NICK!

    I can't believe anyone cares what the tease was about! COOL!

    Won't keep you in the dark any longer... Off to write the post that is all about staying in the dark...>>>


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