Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Love in the Desert

This week on Open Studio Fridays I had the blessing of Sherie from the Sea showing up to work on the desert set after an absence of several weeks. She heads up some key events during the holidays and has been booked elsewhere since Thanksgiving.

It was such a delight to see her here again. The evening took off even further with the arrival of her beau, multi-talented photographer and my friend, David Sand. I call Sherie "David Bait" and if Sherie comes here to work I sometimes get the pleasure of his appearing too.

This time was extra mega enhanced as he brought his most beautiful guitar to play next to her while she worked. He played, some of his songs, some of others, we all sang a bit, and laughed a lot. One of the sweetest things was to hear Sherie and David sing a wonderful song of David's about a fisherman. Heart Melter.

That would have been enough, except Sherie and I made great progress on the desert set design as well. She and I finally discovered how to make the "prayer flags" that adorn the sage's tent. We took apart embossed paper flowers and re-fashioned them into four-petal blossoms with frayed thread centers and attached them to wire-filled vine over the bunting.

She also added some natural palm curly fiber to her hand-made palm tree for the scene that I had found under a real palm tree while out earlier that day. The fiber looks a bit like Sherie's locks and finishes off the tree to absolute perfection.

Enjoy a moment from David's serenade to his Lady Love while I take photos of how Halflandian magical the desert set looks to post very soon...


  1. very cool guests indeed!


  2. great progress ever since i came for the last time :D

  3. Hi Shelley,

    Long time... I have been visiting your blog every once in while, following up the process. I wanted to comment here after listening this great music and seeing that smile on their faces :)

    I see that there are wonderful people helping you out. This is great my friend!

    You have been doing such beautiful things in Halfland. Go, go, go... Know that even if I am silent, I am here with all my heart, sending you best wishes and waiting to see what you have been doing lately.


  4. Thank you Justinitty and Dan!

    Yaz! so great to hear this from you! Thank you for being there and watching. Having your support and good thoughts is so empowering!

    True for everyone here.

    I watch you with the same joy.

  5. PS: YES! The people who come here are so amazingly wonderful!

  6. Hello Shelley, I’ve nominated you for the Verstile Blogger Award, feel free to visit me and collect! Greets, Karen.


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