Thursday, June 21, 2012

We've Moved... Into a Real 1/2L!

More of the story to come... but I'm completely amazed at how Halfland-esque our new home is, even right down to the wonderful beautiful large tree we could reach out and touch.


  1. Awesome, it looks like it fits you. The photo on the right almost looks like something you would make.


  2. Totes! That's my little sewing nook on the sun porch here. Sheer heaven to stitch in. Place s l o w l y coming together... I have to go slowly.

  3. Congrats on the new chapter....and getting settled!!


  4. Thanks so much, Justin!

  5. Congrats on the move! It looks quaint and lovely there. A comfortable, creative environment. All the best!

  6. So kind of you to say that, JON, thank you!

  7. Wow, that must have been a major disruption! So glad to see you have somewhere suited to re-establishing Halfland. Are you way out of town? Looks nice from the view out the window.

  8. Hi Nick! Disruption?! That's too polite a term for the ordeal it was.

    I'm still not recovered physically, trying hard to.

    This new place is the most wonderful we've ever had. It's a lovely 90 year old duplex right in the middle of Los Angeles. Four minutes from where Paul works, making sharing a car much easier.

    More photos and a tour coming shortly.

    I will hang onto your words in the other comment, about how I will finish filming one day.

    Thank you.

  9. The place looks beautiful, Shelley! Hopefully everything settles soon… They say, moving house three times is like your house burnt down. – I wish you a process that is as smooth as possible!

  10. all the best with the new home! Congrats on the move.

  11. Thank you, Jessica & Rich!

  12. Shelley, I love the tree right in front. Looks like real Halfland, right. I am still shocked.. how did you move all those stuff.. I hope you are all settled down by now.

    I wish you best in your new house. Animation time..... :)

  13. Hi YAZZY!!!! xoxox

    Yes, settling in now. Surviving, happy to say.

    Installed some shelves in a closet today. So I can put the workshop stuff away.

    Yes, animation time. Been conjuring up how to build the smaller sky in a simpler way.

    So glad to be talking with you!

  14. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Fantastic!! If only we could have taken turns helping each other pack! And, oooooh how I wish we could have moved closer to each other! Best luck unpacking Halfland and big congrats on the NYTimes article!

  15. Seriously, Peggy! We both needed each other. These moves and their aftermath on our bodies have been devastating, as you'll see when you read my email.

    I'm very ill at the moment. Gladdened to hear you are on the mend, hoping to follow.

    Thank you and love, s


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