Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Girl in Halfland: Tavi

We met this little skinny lost kitten at our friend's new house party last month. They had found her behind their old house, on her last legs from hunger. We took her home to give her more time and attention than they had at the moment, just to foster her until construction and chaos of their move was settled. She was 8 weeks old or so at the time and all skin and bones and fluffy fox-tail.

She has the greatest personality and is so fun and fast and smart and funny and cute, that we love her now as our own. I think our friends know we are adopting her from them. I'll ask them that, at some point, after a while.

She's what you call an Amber/Smoke/Ebony Tortoiseshell breed, with a very appropriate half-white chin.
Pond set protection measures have been taken. Queen of the house, Cloud (on the right), was VERY upset at first, seen here hiding and mad as heck behind the tall grass set pieces on the top shelf of the closet shortly after the kitten arrived to live here.

A month into the arrival there's still a lot of tension and upset between all the cats. But there have been moments of playful chasing and wrestling in amongst the hissing and swiping with sharp claws.


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    1. D'ah awww awww, gl. Thanks to you, I just learned how to add replies to comments up in here. woo.

  2. I get it now, the whole film thing is just a ruse - Halfland is really being built to provide picturesque backdrops for your soon-to-be-published book of cat photos! ;)

  3. You know Nick--I CONSIDERED IT! Right now it really is just a glorified cat house!


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