Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Found this on Cute Overload today and sent it round to my stop mo friends, "Admit it. You thought I might be crazy until you saw how NATURE IS WAY CRAZIER!" 12772150070001Shel Rasch replied hilariously, "Maybe you should admit that you made that!
(And that you hand dyed each hair with teas made from rare Turkish root vegetables that you grew on your deck in pots you repurposed from vintage coffee cans that still have the cool 1950's labels on them.)

My version:


  1. Shel absolutely nailed down what I was thinking when I saw the top image… This is hilarious!

    Sometimes I wish you'll find those wonderfully disturbing things more easily, but I suppose Mother Nature has good reason to let them live where only carefully observant people will find them…

  2. HA!!

    THATS so cool Shelly!! it really is a fantastic piece of earth magic.

    by the way - the premiere is by invitation BUT ....we are allowing friends of friends for sure....email shel if you know some folks that would like to join us!! we can make sure we got seats for ya.


    1. Will do, thanks, Justin! Everyone is beyond EXCITED!

  3. I totally believe the Halfland kittypillar, but I'm a bit sceptical about that green one on the leaf! Or is nature evolving to become more like halfland? (It's just about had long enough, heh heh...)
    And I am so envious, can't really travel from the far side of the earth to see Shel and Justin's premiere, but have a great time all you lucky Californians! I'll have to settle for the DVD.

  4. Hardie har har, Nick, maybe Halfland is part of Nature's evolution?!

    The Rasch's should totally livestream their premiere! I am 100% positive that every single person who sees the film would also buy their own copy to keep as a classic.


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