Friday, June 06, 2014

Woven Water

Carefully painted with various brands and types of metallic blue. The stretch in the fabric allowed me the satisfaction of following the edges of the pond set very securely. You'll see why that's rather important below. Note too my small tribute to Dali. Upper right shows what lights look like underneath when dark above.

I couldn't get the previous plastic pond water to look unlike plastic. Which bothered me so I took the time (heh) to remake the pond surface water out of a hand-dyed woven wool knit fabric scrap instead. All new.

Here it is all finished with the pupp re-installed, along with Time's new winder at his side, painted to look like the brass of the other clockworks, and one of his stunt tongues. Both additions will animate.

The water around the frog was gathered and glued around his shape as this area will be seen for only a frame or two and blurred at that. I prefer the fabric texture for 1/2L. and hope to somehow make the movement effect work well enough. Blurry and grainy is better for most of the film. "Make the details, then obscure the details" is my formula for storybook fantasy realism.
PS: [sigh] The youngest kitten here does NOT understand how to be careful with 1/2L like the older others seem to. This one is naughty and knows perfectly well that she was not allowed on the new pond water in case she'd damage it. Fortunately it proved it could withstand her special brand of attitude.

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