Friday, March 18, 2016


 Peek-a-boo! says, gl's little scarlet starfish, interrupting Ceri's woolly starfish's train of thought.

Hi There, Dear Blog Friends! Lots of exciting developments in Halfland to tell you about! Thought I'd better pop in to tell you the entire underwater set has been fully built and is now completed. (!) That was the last of all the sets to be built for the whole series of films.

All the MUCH appreciated sea life puppets that were sent in by all of you for the scene have been installed in the new set and are ready for their cameos. (!) Getting very familiar with them during set up I nearly came to tears over how wonderful each one was. How much care and time and thought was invested in them was incredibly touching. I am ashamed to calculate how long it has taken me to build this set for them. I kept trying to delegate the filming to someone else as the years ran by. But then saw my way clear to tackle it. And now this milestone too is thankfully done.

Posts coming soon showing all the action of the build and each puppet rigged and on set.

In other progress, I had a day of sitting in the court house halls earlier this month for jury duty and was surprised to find I had written out every shot of the whole series in script form in my little notebook by the end of the day. (!) I LOVE IT. I can't believe how each little vignette of action flows into the structure of time of day/season/akts as I was hoping it might. And there were a few surprises, even for me!

Please stay tuned...


  1. Yes! Amazing!!! Underwater is scene is coming alive.. Staying in tune here. There is a piece of box under the puppet. Is that the box this wonderful puppet came inside?

    1. Thank you, commenter! YES! Wonderfully spotted! I have incorporated bits of everyone's package into the scene! (Just saw this comment in April 2020.)


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