Thursday, December 06, 2007

Slightly Moved

"The great thing in this world is not so much where we are, but in what direction we are moving." --Oliver Wendell Holmes

This is good to know because there aren't any results yet where I am however my sense of direction is excellent.

I've had my hands flying over this year's Handmade Holiday Card production--once again--even though I started earlier--getting all 100 (!) cards mailed out early next week will be another impossible achievement, achieved yet again. I'll start with furthest away friends and work concentrically localized until I have one left for us.

I've been taking pictures of the progress all along and will post a slide show Christmas week, after everyone reading this that requested to be on the list should have theirs. If you don't, it may be because this year's concept is brave for a "card" so it's a gamble that the postal service will deliver them, but we'll hope and see...

A few days ago I did literally move the entire Halfland main set fully into my workshop, as opposed to it hanging *half* [HA] out invading into our living quarters. Paul is very good about accommodating the project but it was more chaotic than I'd like. The house never looked neat with the set in progress oozing out in greater and greater square footage Plus, now all the whole fun house antics are contained within my work area making it feel very domain/private magical lair like around here.

I've yet to rearrange the worktables and tidy up the zoo, it's tighter, but that will have to wait for next week. I'm on my own for the next 10 days and I'm planning on devoting every waking moment, and then some, to Halfland action.

You know the suffering I'm sure, the pain of working at home perhaps, living within inches of the tantalizing ideas and materials beckoning you to apply your hands to them. The sink in the pit of your stomach when you gaze at all the heaven of fun while other obligations of home and work are requiring you to be elsewhere. The new ideas that continue to pile up on the cluttered, dusty stacks. [...and scene--bow low --wait for applause.]

Yeah, it's a drama like that.

Excitements and photos very soon.


  1. This time of year is sooooooo busy - I don't know how you find the energy to organize a studio on top of everything else. I think you should come here & do mine too :D

  2. Rachael, Reading this comment gave me such relief inside. I was feeing overwhelmed with all the stuff to do and then getting perspective from you I relaxed and rode it out, taking care of what I needed to do.

    Thank you so much!

    Post with flower photos going up today! (Not that you have to do anything with it until next year!) But I want to keep my side going.

  3. Yeah, I know that feeling all too well. I work mostly out of my garage studio at home. Nothing worse knowing it's just outside but being too busy to wander out and enjoy it. Dang!

    Although the last things I made there seem to have turned out for the best. The stop motion film I made the puppets for just won Best Film in Festival at the schools competitive film fest. Excellent news for our young female director, yay!

  4. That's unbelievably great, Rich! Wow! The sets and pupps really did look good when I swung, swang, swunged? by.

    Congratulations! You did a good turn for the student and it really gave her a leg up.

  5. I cannot beleive your energy nor creative source; You amaze mz!!
    100 cards! Last year's was a masterpiece! The time and effort floored me.
    It was darling too!

  6. Thanks for that, Corey!!

    I actually will finish the cards and mail the first and the bulk of them out tomorrow the 15th. I can only hope you'll get yours by Christmas. I hope I hope I hope!

    I'd so like you to have one.

  7. I'm really looking forward to receiving my card. It is such a generous effort you make... I wish I was that giving! I feel like a total mooch! Tell you what - I will definately do that thing we talked about for HalfLand. I will get on to it when I get back from Germany. We are going there for three weeks on Tuesday, to visit Kjestine's family for Christmas (or "generic winter holiday" as I like to call it... I am actually leaning towards calling it yuletide though, from her on, as Kjestine can't get her head round the "generic" thing - It doesn't look good on cards apparantly!).

    Er... Anyway... I'll still be getting online, so I'll catch you over the gener... Yuletide break!

    Have a great one Shel' and Paul!

  8. ... I have a deadline for tommorrow evening... Can you tell I am stalling!?

  9. Hah! I mailed all the foreign cards out this very day, Paul. So that means you'll receive your gener... Yuletide card whe you get home!

    A nice co-que-er (the line was looong)at the Post office said that the holidays last until New Years Day, so I'll hang my hat on that.

    All good wishes for the holidays to you and Kjestine.

  10. Ah, my evil plan to pressure my card recipients into making fish puppets is working! Mu-ahhahahah-hah.

  11. Shelly thanks for the kind note on my blog



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