Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Perfect Timing

My Halfland Week turned into Christmas Elven Headquarters as I once again made something too complicated to do in any practical sense. Oh well. I have been having the time of my life doing it when...

Paul and I are sick in bed today with different bugs. His is stomach flu caught on retreat last week. Mine is a cold with joint/body aches that are enhancing the crisis I'm going through from overworking my tendons and joints in doing full blown ballet at my age. I'm moving as though crippled over the last few days. Hoping all of you are well. Got to drag myself over and finish another 50 Christmas cards in a last ditch effort to mail them tomorrow so they'll have a chance of being delivered before the 25th. I've lost two crucial days' work time with the above. So, if they arrive late to you this year, please know they come with our heartfelt sentiment in full.

In a better example of timing, the kind kids over at Photojojo have put together a simple primer today on time laspe that I found really helpful, especially the Photoshop automated batch process tip. I've always wondered how to do that.

Their method is exactly what I will be following the gist of when I film Rachael DiRenna's art for Halfland's Flowering Thoughts sequence.

Here are some photos of flowers in various stages of bloom around my house the other day for Rachael to have as sculpture references. I can't decide whether the flowers should be Narcissus or Gerbera daisy. Rachael, do you have any affinity towards one or the other for this? Red Gerbera Daisy (the all green bud in the daisy group is courtesy the web.)
Paperwhite Narcissus growing in sand filled jars in our bathroom.


  1. Oh, I hope you both feel better soon! Those flowers were just what I needed to see on this cold Pittsburgh evening.

  2. Shel so sorry to hear your both under the weather. get plenty or rest and don't forget the chicken soup...it cures everything. :)

  3. Aww, thanks to you both. Still really under the weather indeed. Twenty cards will likely go out tomorrow. Then the last batch on Friday.

  4. I hope you are feeling better - sucks to be sick right now.
    How pretty your flowers are. I don't know which one it should be. Daisies are so friendly but those paperwhites are so beautiful & elegant. I couldn't choose - I'm glad you'll be doing the choosing :)

  5. Chicken soup is goood!!! mmmmmmm

    feel better girl!


  6. Thank Guys, Still sick here, Paul's been asleep for two days except for the 8 bouts of vomiting round the clock. Dr. said he should feel better by tomorrow as the bugs can't live forever.

    I did make us a kettle of chickie soup but hasn't done me much good. Been sipping cayenne pepper, cinnamon and ginger tea (to kill the bacteria in GI tract)and chewing zinc gluco gum.

    Rachael: yay! let's make up our own flower! A cross between the two. As many petals as we want (keeping in mind the animation), the kind of center we want, color, greenery, etc. It's our world we can make it any way we wish. yay!

  7. You are truly the best! No one does Holiday Whimsy better than you!!! Thank you so much for my special surprize package - I LOVE IT!!!
    Christmas Blessings to you and a very happy new years!

  8. I am chasing my own tail this week but I wanted to stop real fast to tell you how very much I love my little Winter Wonderland. You are amazing!
    I hope you have a Very Merry Christmas


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