Monday, January 21, 2008

Making a Splash

(My apologies to the brilliant photographer who took these amazing undersea shots and to the blogger who linked them where I found them for not attributing them properly.) They give a preview of the look of the Halfland undersea scene in terms of texture, landscape form and lighting that I'm going for.

Be sure to check out the fantastic critters starting to come into to my fishy net now! (see them at right at the top of the side bar) I can't get over what a total THRILL it is to have talented artists, readers, and friends pitching in for the sequence and crafting some witty and wonderful little puppets! Keep 'em coming, everyone! (Details on how to join in are in the sidebar under the slideshow.)

To get you IN THE MOOooooD.... Please dear God in heaven go, go at once to this link for David Gallo's 5:21 minute presentation of footage of spectacular undersea life at the TED Talks (found via Swiss Miss!! Much of it is a revelation of nature's miraculous invention. BUT--the end, the very last few seconds, is such a shock that even after seeing it 6 times, in slow mo, in reverse, my mind cannot grasp the transformation it shows. Go and be amazed. really got my creativity sparked with the little bird caught in mid-flap on the right above. Believe you me this and the other spread wing images are my inspiration for the Birds in hats scene.

Attention guest artist, Rachel DiRenna! I think I've figured out what type of flowers the Flowering Thoughts should be modeled after... On the left is a photo of a botanical print I bought in Florance that I love very much. I believe they are dandelions (?) and --wait-- DandyLIONS? Should the flowering thoughts become little lion faces? Little feathery manes could be fun. On the right, is a kind of weedy daisy that my favorite all time floral-photoist Kim Carney took. Love this for the Thoughts. So that's it, little daisy-like, dandelion, weeds-to-most-folks beauties it is. How about I send the armature wire and print outs and we give one a try?

Bullets Over Halfland
Cracked studio window with hole from bullet, possibly the same bullet-made hole in a paper partition on the same trajectory Paul figured out all the way across the width of the place. What's that IN BETWEEN THE TWO BULLET HOLES?! Hmm? THAT'S RIGHT IT'S THE HALFLAND Wonder TREE! Not a scratch on her to be found!

Yeah, so a couple weeks ago I look up next to my desk to discover a pretty violent bullet hole in the window right there. I looked back in recent photos taken of the set and sure enough found the hole showing in them as early as the 7th of the month. It's possible it happened over night on New Years as many people around here tend to fire their guns in the air to celebrate things like that. Or it could be a stray off of a gangland shooting that seem pretty frequent based on the bam bam bams and then sometimes the police helio-choppers that hover for a time.

We've concluded that regardless of when it happened that it was not meant as a personal attack and so we plan to stay living here and hope that it was a one-of fluke, not to be repeated, so that no one ever is harmed in any way.

We have installed a new policy to let guests know in advance that the neighborhood is raw and that while we've not had any other brush with danger that we know of, well, other than the AK47 automatic weapons fire at the corner building a couple years ago, and the red dot of a laser site on the window when we first moved in (both of those times we sure as heck hit the ground fast!)
but other than that everything's been pure bliss.


  1. Hey, I'm just glad YOU weren't along that trajectory!!!! A few leaves would be a small loss, and easily fixed. You not so much!

    Even the suburban quietude of my little shire-like neighborhood has been shattered in recent times by the BLAM BLAM BLAM followed by screeching tires and then police sirens. Right here in Belleville - and that starts with B and that rhymes with T for Trouble!!!! The times they are a'changin!

    Nice to see some new inspiration too! All the best to you and yours in Halfland!

  2. Pretty ocean, pretty birds, pretty flowers, terrifying bullets...your poor creation!

    Though I have to admit, the thought of swimming quite naked near coral makes me shiver a bit.

  3. Bullets over Halfland - scary discoveries.

    TED video - WOW, WOW,WOW, amazing to watch

  4. yikes! shelley, i'm glad it took you a while to discover those bullet holes; not noticing immediately means no clear & present danger, but still: eeek!

    i've seen that ted video before; that octopus was -amazing-.

  5. yep, I sure did feel skeeved out there for a while about the bullet hole. I thought pretty shortly that it wasn't on purpose/purpose but still, like Mike says it's still dangerous regardless of intent.

    We know someone who lost their grown, mother of three grand daughter to a stray bullet from kids just shooting target practice. Came through the wall of the house and into her heart!

    And there was a recent death of a three year old in his stroller in a downtown park that was unfortunately killed by a stray from a gang war shoot out.


    I just did a little house blessing here, something I did everynight the first few months we lived here, hadn't in a couple years (since the AK47 fire!).

    I walk the entire perimeter of the home with a candle or incense in hand while calmly saying a little prayer, suffusing the whole place hopefully with positive thoughts for the Highest Good.

    It makes me feel more at one with myself and that the home is infused with Light. Feels good.

    Life is so surreal in that it assuredly ends eventually for all things currently alive. Anything from microbes to meteors and ba-da-bum-dum, playtime over.

    That's why I'm savoring each day, each moment I get to be creative and enjoy being alive.

    This is my true joy. For you all too?

  6. I love the flower ideas - sending you an email now
    & holy crap that octopus - like magic

  7. glad all is well Herself!

    we too hear the Gunfire up here on the mountain REGULARLY!!

    then quickly followed by the Ghettobird....circleing for some prey.

    It bugs me immencely that I could live so close to that....but it amazes me how accustomed I am to it.Stay safe and Stay positive

    Good vibes from Ours to yours.


  8. I used to live in a place like that... sitting on the balcony after a hard day at work then automatic gun fire. So soothing. I don't live there anymore. Although, the best we ever had was stolen commercial fireworks fired from one end of an apartment complex to the other. Strangely the two police who attended decided it was better to watch rather than confront the 50 strong very drunk crowd. Canberra wasn't known for its large police force...

  9. Thanks one and all. So far so good.


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