Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Resolved and Ready

I am resolved to make a small act on Halfland each day of 2008. Today's act was to finish cleaning out and reorganizing the workshop. Seen here is the ready-for-fun paper shop set up in the middle of the space. On left, I took over an old newspaper rack from the bodega on the corner to display rolls from our paper collection. A new Christmas gift (not from Gretsven) of a scarlet star lantern (certain people reading will hopefully feel right at home when they visit next tho, maybe I should gift it) is rigged with rubber stamped letters to designate the papercraft zone. On the right, under the bunny mascot couple (Nelson, if you're reading this, no, they are NOT chipmunks!) is a cabinet holding our extensive Sabuda/Reinhart pop-up book collection and all the pop-up instruction books we could possibly get. We read them but still haven't had the big Eureka! breakthrough allowing us to understand them yet. See my new post on Paper Forest, it's about Paul's newest exciting success in his attempt to understand the art.

Above is some of what I pulled out of the workshop during the renovation. It's a nearly ocd hoarding of cardboard tubes, newspapers, cardboard boxes, hardware cloth, chicken wire, and mini lumber that will begin to take shape this week as the infrastructure for the landscape around the Halfland cottage as well as it's roof.

Tomorrow I plan to start sculpting the cardboard into the land around the cottage and shaping the fresh water stream that runs along nearby.


  1. Does this mean, Gulp, A studio tour!?

  2. Definitely! I'll make a little video or two of what's neat in here. It's humble to be sure, like all the furniture was 100% free, but I'd like to show my image wall because I love what's on it.

  3. i love to see studios, and yours is especially lush & beautiful. and it was great to see paul's art at paper forest: thanks for pointing to it!

    don't worry, "svetchin" is plenty stocked with star lamps, but i love the idea of giving people scarlet star lamps as gifts!

  4. Oooo, thank Sventchin (hee), I was so Scarlet Star torn! We got the gift for x-mas and I was all oh, cool for the paper studio, then I was all, wait--it's a scarlet star! Gotta send to the scarlet starers, then I was all wait, I already assembled it and now it won't mail, and then I was all, I threw away the package and can't even buy them another one, and then I was all, oh they prolly have a bunch, then I was all, but--IT'S A SCARLET STAR! What's it doing HERE?! Then I was all oh, lemme just hang it and see how it looks, then I was all, it's nice, but I still don't know what to do.

    So now, you've answered it, it'll be here when you visit, like a piece of your studio, a scarlet star studio satellite, if you will.

    That's two votes for a tour. I'm on it.

  5. Congrats on the big cleanification! I've many times re-discovered that before step 1 of any art project, step 0 is to create a blank canvas of a room in which to work.

    Brightest wishes for this year's daily Halfland progress!

    Not to add to your plate, but I think a lovely way to begin 2008 would be with a compare/contrast photo pair of where the listening tree's at today versus where it was at one year ago.


  6. Great idea, Sven. AND--I've got to see whether those ANSWERS asked a year ago have grown out yet!

  7. there are enough scarlet stars to go around. we don't have to hoard them all for ourselves. :)

  8. Hey Shelley, happy New Year and belated Xmas and all that!

    Paul's Samurai card is awesome, just wish there was a bigger picture of it. If he keeps creating stuff like that I wouldn't be surprised to see a throw-mation type film involving that type of paper art some time in the future. I vote for a story about... an Ashigari who gives up fighting to become a Tea Master... yeah, that'll do!

  9. Hey, Rich! happy New Year, Man! You keep rocking that nicotine free lifestyle! w00t!

    I'll point Paul to your comment as I'm sure he'll know what an Ashigari is, yep, you two seem to know about those days.

    No more Ashis for you tho.

    Gotta go Google Throw-mation now.

  10. What a fun, colorful, clean workspace you have!
    I am inspired from here, must be a great place to work!

    Kudo's to Paul, the Samurai Rocks!


  11. I had to go and google throw-mation myself cause I think I made it up as a term to describe a show I saw down here called Action League Now which would have an animated sequence and then combine it with throwing the characters in real time in front of the camera. So it had a combination of live-action (which would work for the pop-up book elements in Paul's style) and animation. Funnily enough when I Wiki'd the show they called the effect chuckimation... same sort of idea as throwmation, great minds think alike... fools never differ :)

    No... unfortunately... no Ashi for me. How boring!

  12. Thank you so much for your kind comments on my journal! I feel much better today...sometimes that mood just takes you, you know? I wasn't freaked out at all to find you there, and it was good to hear from someone who has had a bit more life experience...the friends who are my age can relate, but the wisdom that comes from actually living through that dissatisfaction is invaluable.

  13. Wow! Jessica, your comment here really demonstrates a wisdom and maturity that conclusively indicates your... fabulousness!!!! You are truly delightful.

    I shall immediately cancel any slight doubt about it and relax knowing you will sort every bit of life out marvelously!

    My experience tells me that it's how we handle the minutes of life that make up our days.


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