Monday, August 10, 2009

Get Down

A constant stream of reference images for Halfland come into my view each day, many from traveling the internet. These get titled, tossed into a folder, printed out every few months, cut out, and sorted by category. When the stack of images gets unwieldy, I begrudgingly carve out the time to paste them down onto large blank boards to post them on my reference wall (tour of the wall below).

My friend Martha Ringer was looking through the original watercolors she had made here while producing her first book and asked if she come come down from Ojai for another art session. She sweetly offered to give an hour of work for Halfland for every hour she'd spend making her own art here. Her art session was a big success as she got the visual concept for her second book that she was hoping she might. Martha threw herself with relish into the task I gave her of pasting the current crop of images down. Thank you so much for the help again, Martha!

I was able to get all that and then some printed out and added in the days after Martha left. And in case anyone is interested in looking at it all the excitement in further detail, a 3 minute tour begins, after this public service announcement...


  1. I absolutely love your reference wall... And I definetivly need more space, a lot more bigger studio...

    Those mood board are so important for the visual process and progress. We all got influenced by the hundreds of pictures we see each day. So why not flooding our visual cache to selected examples?

    Up to now I thought you're a magician or something, but I'm glad to see you're just doing your homework! ;)
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you so much, Jessica! Thanks for making me feel UNCRAZY! It was a little scary posting the extent of my wall as it looks a lot like a madness. But having someone creative understand makes me feel ok about it.

    Thank you for that!

  3. thank you for the PSA! i'm sure safety boy would approve. ;)

  4. "Throw away your lamps"???!!! You said "Throw away your lamps"!!!

    Not the defective lamps, or the lamps that buzz and pop and burst into flames, just "Throw away your lamps"!!!

    Ok, I know what you mean. ;)

    But I just caught something while your camera was touring the vast acreage of the Halfland Wonderwall....

    I always knew you had Time Flies AND a Time Frog... but somehow the significance always eluded me. Time Flies ... the meaning is obvious there. It DOES fly, and will get away from us if we let it. But frogs EAT flies, right? So.... does that mean..... not letting it get away from us?


  5. Thanks, gl! Yes, Safety Boy probably knows absolutely every detail about lamps and what's safe so that he would NEVER have been put in the situation I was in in the first place! Such is Safety Boy's mastery of safety! m..m

    No, Mikee, I said at the start of the clip, maybe malfunctioned?, that one should throw away lamps that buzz or flicker. You musta not hearded that bit.

    YEAH! The Time Frog eats the Time Flies, but, he is the origin of Time itself so he doesn't get more time, it's moot for him. Ah, but for us... That's why Rana has them pinned down on her pin cushion.

    And in a visual pun that only the severely Geeked out will ever realize, they will also land on Yanu's arrows. Because, as my wonderfully geeky friend Ron explained, the very first words spoken by a computer were...

    "Time flies like an arrow."

    I was sitting in a garden for some sun this morning and saw some flys. I thought to myself that I should go back to making them the way I had initially thought of, rather than using watch parts too much.

    I thought the watch parts idea was superior, but now I surprised to think the initial idea is better for the project. Weird to realize that today. Now maybe they will be built!?

    Remember.... any buzzing you hear that isn't a Time Fly... throw whatever it is out out out!!

  6. Thanks for the tour, that wall is a thing of beauty. I wish I could be half (hee) that organized with my projects :)

  7. When I saw the first pic of this post, I enlarged it and spent some time to look at it... Amazing... how you transform all of the images we see everyday into precious art pieces. Talent, perseverance, creativity.. whatever you name it; you are a magician Shelley!!

    Do more more more.. before time frog eat more of the time flies.

  8. HI UbbieDubbes, It shore doesn't feel organized! It feels Arrrrgh. Living here I've got the space to lay it all out, that's all. I've got to see it all, even if I don't look at it? I've got these collages for everything! Art, jewelry, clothing, inspiration. What do you do for reference images on your projects?

    Hi, Yaz! So sweet of you to say. I looked at the video again. Most of the images have come--over a Looooong period of time!!!--from books, magazines, catalogs, etc. Nothing escapes my fanatical grasp if I want an image. It's amazing how many images build up over a decade and a half! HA!

    YES! I fully wholeheartedly agree with you. Please please God, I want to do more before time frog eats more of the time flies! Please please. Please. I could type that prayer forever.

  9. Anonymous8:05 AM

    I love that reference wall! Why keep things in files that I never look at? I am starting to put things up pronto. Thank you again for inspiration!

    PS. Remember, time flies like an arrow, but fruit flies like a banana.

  10. Wall it up, Peggy! But the drawback is the chaos of the collaged walls. That's why I try to keep the collages on the workshop side of things, so there's *some* occasional peace in the living side.

    Fruit flies like a banana! HA! Hilarious!


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