Saturday, August 22, 2009


I have been smitten with learning how to make Anaglyphs, stereo 3D images viewable with red/cyan glasses. I stumbled onto a Flickr pool for Anaglyphs and was taken by images by afficiandos including this one that is my current FAVORITE OF ALL TIME IMAGE. If you have a pair of Red/Cyan's get'em out and go see>>>It's a deep, magical image of a forest that when viewed with Red/Cyan 3D glasses becomes so dimensional I feel as though I could touch the trees and walk onto the misty path.

I've been rabidly researching the principles and various methods of anaglyph creation and was thrilled to discover it's incredibly easy to at least get some sort of 3D effect. Simple to learn, bit longer to get really good at it, no doubt.

When I found this super simple video tutorial for one Photoshop method by Open Tutorial's Photoshop Anaglyph Demo I couldn't run to try it out fast enough.

Who better to test techniques with than the Halfland character sculpt for goat woman, Rana... a RANAglyph, if you will. I attached my camera to the SmooMoo dolly and moved it about 2.5" between the pair of shots, angling the lens towards the puppet for each. I used Open Tutorial's technique and then added some PS sketch filters to see if a modified image would still hold the effect. (This hints at some cunning plans I have.)

This RANAglyph used Frans ('s Pop Out (3D) technique, also for Photoshop, yet entirely different.

There are several free software applications available for PC and Mac that are specifically made for creating Anaglyphs. There are good insights into the logic of how Anaglyphs are made in this translated French tutorials with gif animations. There are even methods of making them that don't require taking two images.

Taking all of that into account and studying this little hand-drawn Anaglyph Key, that Frans also made, makes it easy to get how to make different parts of images recede or come out from the screen by adjusting the red and cyan channels to the right or left of the original image/art.
I'm not sure how this effect might figure into Halfland, but it's definitely a stimulating new toy to have...

Today's Art Bonus: Wooden Lace Necklace
(click through for more details)
"Wooden Lace" Necklace


  1. I did not know about Anaglyphs before and unfortunately do not have Red/Cyan 3D glasses to try out. The forest photo on flickr looks great even as the way it is though. Will check this technic out later.

  2. I'll make sure to send you a pair in your next package, but just in case you don't want to wait to see...

    If you have red and blue permanent markers?

    Or an inkjet printer and a printable sheet of acetate? one could just print out red and blue lenses and carefully tape them to your own glasses. Or use colored cellophane?

    Here's a stylish template for 3d glasses:

    I can say the forest image and others in that Red/Cyan Flickr group are really worth seeing!

  3. It's Googlediculous but I had to find out how these glaases *could* be made at home:

    Update: inkjet film does NOT work because the texture isn't transparent enough. But, in case for some reason someone had some around, cling transparent inkjet sheet seems better.

  4. Yep, I have tried and it worked! Last week I bought some transparent colored wrapping material to make a kite for Zeynep. Just checked them out and yes, there were cyan and red ones. Cut pieces and put on the transparent safety glasses I had. It did not worked great but worked okey (beacuse it is a safety glass and colored wraps were little far from my eyes). It worked better when I just hold the pieces in my hand and look through red on my left eye and blue on my right eye. It reminds me the 3D postcards we used to have around when I was a child.

    Ranaglyph on your flicker page looks great. Feeding Rana :) She looks very happy to be fed by you.

    Forest pic is amazing. That guy must be very experienced at creating anaglyphs.

    One thing I want to tell you if you dont mind.. you wrote: "I'm not sure how this effect might figure into Halfland" If I were you, I wouldnt have used this effect in Halfland. You are creating a totally wonderful land and it will have its own dimention both physical and spiritual. I dont think adding this kind of computer effect would be a good idea while you are creating every single piece in your hands. Just my opinion...

    By the way, thank you!!! for the next package :) I also want to send you some things. I will be sending a package to my sister living in the USA. I will incude a package for you so she can mail you from there after she receives hers.

  5. I wouldn't jump into shooting 3d - there are so many illusions of depth and space we rely on to create worlds that seem bigger than they are - many would fall apart if we could judge the real depth in the scene as opposed to the implied depth.

    I'll have to check my lighting gels to see if I have a cyan, and make some glasses to see the forest - haven't seen those red-green (or red-cyan) 3d glasses around for several decades.

  6. Oh! No worries, Nick! NO WAY would I be shooting 3D. No WAY! I'm trying to reduce the complexity of Halfland in order to get it done.

    The Raschs are shooting 3D for their new project and they will I'm sure be very successful with it.
    What I shouldn't have said more clearly is that I intend to make artwork using he Anagylph techniques for both Halfland and other artwork ideas. I'd like paintings to look like interesting paintings to the naked eye and then spring into depth when viewed with Red/Cyan lenses set up opposite to the piece.

    I'd like some print material, poster/postcards/memorabilia, etc. for Halfland to utilize Anaglyphs and other optical tricks. I've already made Halfland artwork Anamorphs, the distorted images that can only be viewed with a shiny cylinder. I've found printable flexible silver mirror material that can be used for exciting surprise Halfland promotions, etc.

    Don't get me started on the other ideas!

    Lighting gels?!~~~Brilliant!! Did you see the downloadable glasses templates above to help? Or even just tape the lenses over two holes in a piece of cardboard!


  7. Oh! Yaz, I'm so happy! What a wild coincidence that you had those colors on hand, clever woman!

    ANd Don't Worry At All! YOU ARE RIGHT! No Way in heck will I be shooting Halfland in 3D for exactly the reasons you said and to keep it as narrow as I can to help me get to production and post-production stages! I've been looking at trimming the narrative way down and/or reducing characters/action, etc. BUT that's on the back burner since I thought of releasing each micro episode of the Halfland series AS IT'S COMPLETED. This approach will allow me to just keep making the series episodes as long as I like and then string them all like beads together when all done.

    Yay on the package. When's winter in Turkey? I can Google...

  8. Shelley, I haven't been reading your blog from the beginning, so maybe you've already done this, but could you post some links to resources for building a stopmotion puppet? I have this idea for a toy robot (not for you; for you I'm making a sea dragon!), but I need help making his joints.

  9. Absolutely, Thessaly Rose. See below.

    Sea Dragon Weeeeeeeee! Can't wait!

    Number 1 piece of advice for new stop motioning is to grab anything on your desk, a stuffed doll, a lamp, a piece of wire or clay, anything, and animate it to see if you even like the frame-by-frame-moving-things process. Use any camera you have, upload into Photoshop, if you use it, and see what you've made, etc.

    THEN....There's a universe of methods for making stop motion puppet armatures (what holds the shape/position inside a puppet) to discover.

    Everything from twisted wire with hard epoxy bones to difficult-to-make machined ball and socket joints. Wire is cheap and easy to get and use while machined B&S joints are expensive to have custom made and even more expense to buy the equipment to make yourself.

    For a first try, I would suggest a simple twisted wire and epoxy armature inside your toy soldier. Making a puppet bendable is no problem---Ah, but making a bendable joint that can withstand the 1,000's of movements made during even a brief animation without breaking.... that's the trick!

    There are many many options. I bought a kit from animation tool kit in the UK that gives you joints and wire. May be the best place to begin for you.

    Andrew Brown uses wood

    Some people use off the shelf hardware

    I'll be testing Shape Lock Plasticfor custom socket joints

    There are professionals who can make you perfect custom Rolls Royce armatures.

    The go-to place on the web for every possible method and source in one place is Stop Motion Animationmessage board. The handbook there (found by clicking on"Handbook") curated largely by uber mentor Mike Brent (Strider) has information galore.

    If you have been bitten by the stop motion bug, there will be nothing that will deter you from making your stories.

    I'm always here to root you on.

  10. Not sure I made those links above functional, it's been a while. But this wire epoxy tutorial is must read:

  11. uh ohh!! new toys.....

    very exciting...Ill have to try it out tonight.


  12. That is exactly what I wanted! Thank you, Shelley.

    I decided to feature you on my blog today, at Thanks again for the link!

  13. Hi Justin! You are already king of 3D, Remember?!

    Fantastic Thessaly Rose, so nice of you to feature me there. You find cool stuff, subscribed!

    Hoping you also saw Maryr Murphy's tutorial on easy inexpensive low tech armatures on the SMA handbook:

    And be sure to study master animator Nick Hilligoss' tutorial for twisted wire for a "build-up" puppet (that's what you'll want your soldier to be vs. cast) Here's that link:

    Good Luck!

  14. Shelley, I have read that you think about using Anaglyphs and other optical tricks for Halfland promotions... Wonderful!!! I have the invitation you made for your friend's wedding and I can not imagine what creative ideas you have in mind for Halfland. Go my friend, go!!!

    We live in one of the hottest regions in Turkey. Winter comes here in December usually. Since you are not telling me about your birthday; I would just pick a day :) It feels like you were born in the summer??? Maybe?

  15. Thank you, Yaz! My birthday is next Thursday actually. I asked about winter there because I was going to make Zeynep's winter hat for the next pack but sounds like that can go in the winter pack! xoxox

  16. Next thursday!!!!!! OK. What can I do in less than a week.. Hmmm.. Lets see :))
    Winter hat for Zeynep.. As long as it does not take much of your time pleaseee. Thank youuuu :))

  17. Don't you dare do anything! I know you love me madly! Hee. My best present would be you're spending the time on Chronos! I never want to put you out in time or money---ever.

    Plus--I live as though everyday is my birthday, seriously. Time passing is such a gift in that way.

  18. Ok :))))) my friend! xoxox

  19. Just catching up on this now - Happy Birthday Shelley! Hope you enjoyed your day (and every other!)

    Belated thanks as well for the water gel - I can't wait to try it out!

  20. Thanks Allison! I'm hoping to see a creative 3D portrait of you. You are so fantastic with your words and images. Big fan!

  21. I just checked it out with the red/cyan glasses... very cool. Although, since I live through color, I always feel the sacrifice of red/cyan is never really worth it.
    My husband loves the stereoscopic 3D images. He carries the glasses around in his pocket everywhere and snaps pictures with his phone. Geeks!


  22. Woooo, your husband carries around his own 3D glasses everywhere he goes?! Compagno! MY FRIEND! I love that! He is going to LOVE the super fabulous Halfland "promotional" materials to be created later on! No doubt! Tell him they will involve magic ANAMORPHIC "keys" to Halfland that make printed characters and scenes visible! Got perfect samples of the material to use just yesterday.

    I agree with you about the flattening out of the typical cyan/red effect. I hope to be a bit more artful and make the final art look full spectrum in both the natural and anaglyphed views.

    I have seen an illustration for a Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde book cover (if not for that purpose it should have been!) that removed the entire red sketch of Mr. Hyde with the transparent red dust jacket overlay, leaving the black crazy Dr. Jeckle sketch as if a representation of the concealed persona.

    I just looked at this example on my wall, it was a Jeckle/Hyde book jacket idea--but Oh! Wouldn't that be brilliant!

  23. I mean it wasn't such a book cover, it was just a random crazy/sane illustration--but OH! that's the kind of clever design idea that rocks my world because it experientially personifies the book's subject.

  24. you play all the best ways!

    love the bonus necklace and sorry I missed that chance to wish you a timely happy birthday... I send belated wishes instead.

  25. You didn't miss it! It's right now! yay! Thank you! xox

  26. Happy Birthday!! May it be an enchanted year.


  27. Why, thank you, Karima!

  28. Oh Shelley,,thank you so much for my treasures in the mail,, the necklace is beyond wonderful and hangs right where I'd wanted it. I love it and the note attached, the package, the ribbon, the bird and note card....and even the label on the package,,,not to mention the seeds!! you are a sweetie, thank you so much. Think I will blog about it! You really made my day!
    ps..I have had emails come back to me,,,did you change your email?

  29. way kewl post,,,I need some of those glasses just for everyday use!! the beads.....just fun! The new underwater folk are wonderful.

  30. You are fully welcome, Marcie! More to you as it emerges too!


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