Saturday, November 28, 2009

100 Days: Boring Bowls

I hesitate to show these small thrown porcelain ceramic soup bowls and extra bowl like things that don't have handles or flat bottoms, but I figure this blog documents everything, one at a time, as they are completed so... My initial rough red clay ceramic soup bowl had to be thrown out when the entire plastic bag got filled with mold because I stored the real mini loaf of bread seen in that picture in there with the container of moist hair gel. I thought that bread was petrified after 15 years but apparently there was some vital life left in that whole wheat!

UPDATE: I realized by looking at that old too small soup kettle in the photo linked above that I should add a curvy spout to it paint it a metallic finish and then I'd have Rana's kettle! I was wondering how I was going to build that! Thanks boring blog post!

I filled holes in the bottoms of the bowls with more clay, glue, and stale spices from my kitchen to look like seasoning at the bottom of Rana's soup after the gel and vegetables are put in.

(I have no idea what was making my nails so dirty that day, looks like I was out digging up a field.)


  1. There's no need for hesitating! It's great to have some variation between the extra-ordinary and filled-with-lovely-details-things and the simple, calm and as you'd say broing props.

    If everything is stunning, how could we still enjoy it? So these little bowls will allow your audience to appreciate the other stuff much more...

    Oh, and by the way, I love the way it looks like they had just been used... It looks very tasty!

  2. Were you just out digging up a field?

    Nice bowls by the way!

  3. yeah....its all part of the process....boring stuff and exciting stuff.

    moving through it all gets ya to the finished stuff.


  4. Thank you, Jessica! Mike! and Justin!

    Yeah! Getting to the finished stuff!

  5. m_) They are not boring, they are beautiful.

    Boring things, I know what these are, I really do.

  6. Thanks, Dan. I made up for my feeling boring with the bowls today! I have not one--but two! exciting character/prop developments occur to me TODAY!

    Can't wait to post about them...

  7. PS: Thanks for sticking with Halfland through boring and exciting times!


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