Thursday, September 02, 2010

Halfland Army

An absolute troop of wonderful people have been coming over to Halfland regularly to help build the set(s)! How can I express my gratitude? (Dusting off this precious blog to dash off a peek of part of why I've been away so long!)

It's an incredible turn of events over here. Without my doing anything to promote it, there have been a steady stream of great people lending their time and talents here over the past few months and it continues!

Some are professional animators, some just like the creative outlet, some come twice a week (!), some come once a week, some come in the evenings on Fridays, some were up here installing lighting fixtures and were recruited for a minute, some (a teenager!) requested to visit here (twice!) on their family trip to Los Angeles!

As this small sampling of photos suggest--things are happening!

It's more than what the people accomplish during their time here. It's the effect of their coming over that causes me to get organized and very clear about what needs to be done, and who could help with what. What are the things I need to do myself so that the film remains my personal expression. And what tasks can be collaborated on and in some ways delegated gratefully to my awaiting, newly-formed Halfland Posse.

All this human energy is getting transformed into this film series while genuine friendships, kindnesses, (even romances!) are happening along with it. Los Angeles readers of the blog are welcome to join in Friday evenings from 5 – 8 pm. Contact me with a request.


  1. Anonymous5:52 AM

    Oh Shelley!! This is marvelous! Thanks for the peek at the progress. I've been curiouser and curiouser. I am so excited now....I wish I could hop onto a plane and be there this evening!

  2. Oh Peggy! You are sure INVITED! One of the things nearly DONE are your marvelous Paper trees you drew and cut out while you were in town! Boy, am I glad I asked you to illustrate those! Thanks again, dear.

  3. I'm so jealous of you and your team! It's just great to have somenbody around sharing your idea and supoorting you! – And all your little pictures look so busy and , well, progressive.

    I also learned that the motivation is much higher in a team. I think I need a small army myself...

  4. YES!! Jessica, I HIGHLY recommend getting an army! I never imagined anyone would be interested in working on Halfland but myself. Maybe we animators would help each other out, if next door, etc. but surely not people I didn't know well personally, or even less likely, people who weren't "artists" per se.

    I said to Cirelle, the first recruit, you are invited to come over to play and work, never really thinking she would! She did! And then more and more and more started too once the way was made.

    So, maybe try mentioning it to people you meet at events or in the neighborhood perhaps. Maybe even make a time where people know you have a standing open house. Feed them! Treats! Conversation! Water breaks! Go get 'em!!!!

  5. Great to see, and thanks for giving us an update!


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