Friday, September 03, 2010

Where the Bugs Go

The Halfland garden needed mushrooms. The mushrooms needed red plaid tablecloths. These made it look like a cafe. The cafe needed tiny cups and saucers for the cafe and to appear as spots.

It went on from there folks!

Since the photos above, the entire outcropping of mushrooms became instead the bug party cafe where grasshopper waiters swing down from the buggy paper lanterns to serve nectar and pollen cupcakes to the drab insects in fancy dress petals and dancing shoes!

The entire matter is OUT OF CONTROL adorable and will require being made into it's own puppetry illustrated story book as soon as the film series is completed.

For how I made the tea service check the Paper Forest blog....


  1. Shelley, Happy Birthday!
    And thank you for your tutorial! It's always good to see that you actually can't do magic at all but that all your things are handmade! :)

    The cups are gorgeous, and the set is coming together nicely! I want to see more pics!

  2. YAY! Thanks so much, Jessica! Yes, I'm hoping to post a bit more today!

  3. picture booooook!!! :)

  4. Awww! I wish I could shrink myself down and play around in there.

  5. Abso-fricking-lutely, Rich! I'm all over this bug cafe night club party being it's own storybook COMPLETELY!

    I plan on using good photographs as the basis for hopefully fabulous digital illustrations. I've asked Cirelle to work with me on a good story idea. Something that would be charming and offer a good life lesson as well.

    Anyone out there have an idea?!

    Thanks, Jon, that's exactly the hoped for feeling I want from someone looking in!

  6. Hey Shelley, thank you so much for your comment on my demo reel a couple days ago! (the knitting work). I saw a couple of your videos - loved the set with the tree in the half-land house, and the half-land garden here looks so charming, I wish I were small enough to fit in the set!

  7. Shelly the mushrooms look great and the whole set is just incredible!!!

  8. Hey, Carly, hi ya! Welcome to Halfland! Wanting to visit here for real is my greatest hope that visitors might feel. Thanks you!

    Hey, thanks, Jeff! I'm having such a good time making it all I could weep.

  9. How adorable,,its going to be quite a party in the cafe...very happy bugs...and a story book,,,great idea.
    How fun to have so much help with the set.

  10. Thanks, Marcie HON (Halfland's Official Naturalist!) xoxo

  11. HA!!

    Awesome concept .....and the whole fun of shrinking yourself down and running through halfland is what its all about!


  12. For sure, Justin! Gotta love the world we make!

  13. Oh, happy birthday, apparently!
    I'm almost afraid to visit your blog, because I always get exhausted by the sheer lovelyness and detail of the stuff you do.

  14. Gosh, Richard, that's about the nicest thing I could hear! Thank you!


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