Thursday, December 30, 2010

Countdown to John Ikuma's Fund Raising

UPDATE: THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO CONTRIBUTED TO JOHN'S FUNDRAISING, LOOKS LIKE HE'S MADE HIS GOAL! Thanks to all! The film promises to be fantastic and I hope John will let us know if he needs anything further to git-'er dun. GO JOHN!

In addition to creating, writing for, editing, and publishing Stop Motion Magazine, John Ikuma has begun directing and producing a documentary all about the rolicking stop motion vibe happening in Los Angeles right now. There are so many fantastic projects underway and John has taken it upon himself to document as many as possible to share with the world.

He's interviewing many people you know and love {like. cough. me.} and might like to see more of. He's got $1,530 already raised for his $2,000 goal to fund the film. There's just 30 hours left in the campaign. Are you interested in donating too? Viva la Arts! Hop to it!

John thanks you I'm sure! (nicest guy in LA)


  1. There is a lot going on in stopmo world and I have been away for a looong time. I gotto catch it up! Thanks for posting about this Shelley. Sounds like a great project and I have found a chance to contribute a little before it ends.

  2. Support the arts!

  3. Thanks, Yaz, I'm kicking in what little I can to support John's project but also so I can see myself in the film! HA!

    Right on, JON!

  4. Woo hoo! I see that John made his goal. I’m glad your going to be in the movie Shelley. I find your project fascinating and it’ll be great to see so more behind the scenes stuff.

  5. Thank you, Jeff! (just got this comment in my spam filter!)

    You inspired me to donate a wee bit more just as a fan!

    John says the footage he got here looked good.Can't wait to see too!

    Go John! GOGOGO!


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