Friday, December 03, 2010

Halfland Special Guests: Sweet Hearts

Had the special treat of a rare visit from Portlanders Sven Bonnichsen and Gretchen Lair of Scarlet Star Studios. Passionate animator friends and supporters of art and artists. I've known them both for years online, had met Sven once before in 2007, but never had the delight before of getting to fleshy-see the darling Gretchen.

They were at the tail end of an epic Stop Motion tour through LA stop motion houses during the holidays and stopped overnight in Halfland before heading back up for home.

Two nicer and sweeter people you'll never meet. They both find magic everywhere they go. If they found themselves in Hell they'd admire the pretty colors the flames were reflecting against the hell cave. They're thoroughly charming! (As it was we nearly froze them out here during the night in this big drafty heatless loft. We gave them every blanket in the house, a hot water bottle, an electric bed pad and the poor dears shivered trying to stay warm using a paltry heating pad. But other than that they had a marvelous time with us! brrrr.) Being Gretchsven, they made the most of it. I'm so glad I got a chance to sit and visit and get to know them both a wee bit better than the internet will allow. Sensitive, thoughtful, sweet-natured, intelligent.

Have these people over! They bring homemade caramel sauce!

Sven was gripped by the armature Yuji made in Tom B's workshop.

Sven caught taking photos of other Halfland visitors.

Come again soon, you Darling Lovebirds!


  1. Thank you Shelley & Paul!

    It was a pleasure and a treasure without measure to come and visit with you!

    Oh, the chatting (never enough)... And the downtown tour... And the Urth delectables... And the chocolates on the pillows of our big comfy bed... And the big beautiful expanding Halfland... And the home cooked meals... And so many teas and teacups and teapots cozying... And the labyrinth... And the explosion of amazing collage materials... And the delicious gifticious treats for the road... And the cute cute photos on our return... And...


    Thank you!

  2. oh, gosh, yes! lucky us! cold and all, it was an adventure! you were both generous and gracious hosts. thanks again!

    (do you have a larger version of that photo? it is -super- cute! :D)

  3. Aww. Sure thing, gl, here's the one above and a couple more from the meditation garden that I love too...

  4. When you going to spell the beans on the rest of your incredible tour?!

  5. aw, thanks, shelley! they're all lovely (thinking of sending copies to the grandparents, if that's okay).

    first we finish unpacking -- then we write!

  6. Of course! Share them with all! I think Sven should make the romantic near kiss one into a projection ring as a special gift for you. Or since I just told you first, you for him! HA!


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