Monday, February 28, 2011

Don't Just Stand There... Move Something!

Friend of Halfland, animator, and armature fabricator supreme, Sven Bonnichsen, is launching a new animation festival, the NW Animation Festival. He's opened it up to entrants from all over the globe and in any form of animation.

Here are the details from the site:
The festival will be held on June 3-4-5, in the heart of downtown Portland Oregon at the historic 5th Avenue Cinema.

This is a festival created by animators, for animators, and all lovers of animation.

We are people who hunger to see MORE. Not just the year's top 10 shorts... We want to feast on the year's top 100!

We've thrown the door wide open for submissions. Films may come from anywhere in the world. You may submit films made at any time during your life. And you are free to simultaneously show your work online or at other festivals.

We know that great animation comes from all levels. Contributions from students, independent artists, and professional studios are all valued equally.

All types of animation are encouraged: hand-drawn, computer-generated, stop-motion... We attempt to program shorts blocks focusing on each method separately—both to educate, and to satisfy each methods' enthusiasts.

We strive to pack the weekend with as much animation as possible. But the festival is still bigger than just this. Select films go on to become part of our "Best of the NW Animation Fest" traveling show, which will tour the region during the following year.

For more, visit: or contact:
Best of luck with this, Sven! I'm encouraging all the animators I know to submit a short and I look forward to submitting scenes from Halfland myself to the festival next year!


  1. Hey!! I was in there!!

    Nice! I was waiting to post about Sven's festival so mine didn't go up immediately after Sven's and Jeffrey's... now I see you and Grant have both posted about it. So I'm going to wait a little longer - no sense saturation-bombing the internet with it all in just a few days. Most readers of one of our blogs look at all of them I'll bet - especially the ones who make their own films.

  2. Yeah! We can all be an organized NW Animation Festival popcorn-style call for entries sequence brigade.

  3. This is awesome!
    I'm going to spread the word as well!

    Animators of the world – unite!

  4. Thank you Shelley! The video is so awesome... I totally love it that you added your own creativity to the promotion. That's what I want to inspire!

    Mike and Jessica--thank you also for your support and enthusiasm! I'd really love to see the stopmo community out in force at the fest. Woo!

  5. You betcha, Sven!

    I'm not a festival person per se but yours I'll do with pride next year, G-d willing!




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