Saturday, July 02, 2011

Fire Making Kit

Planning to send animator supremé, Nick Hilligoss, a package this week that will include some of my secret ingredients (on left) for hand made campfires*, like the one just made for the Writing Mouse's Chalet. (*I see from the link above, I still need to add some char to the ashes as well.)


  1. Awesome fire effect !!
    Sir Hilligoss is in good hands.
    You might consider selling props kits like this one for different kind of works... (thinking out loud)

  2. Thanks, Vincent! Nick didn't ask for the fire stuff, heck he may never need it. I just was sending him a Time Fly puppet and thought I'd fill out the envelope with a stash share!

    I'd love to sell specific kits. Will keep that idea in mind---thanks again.

  3. How cool is that....a true recipe of magic straight from Halfland!!


  4. Hi Shel Shel! I added burnt crumbs from the bottom of our toaster and is popped the whole fire area to real life! w00t!

    Hi Jeff--thanks so much!

  5. burnt toast,,,love it....never know when life presents wonders. Love the real fire!


  6. Thanks, Marcie, HON. It should only look real!


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