Monday, October 10, 2011

Dandy Range

Just a quick Note to show the range of dandelion sizes in the many Halfland sets. On the left, the micro-scale dandies in front of the cherry tree on the Writing Mouse's property (with my index finger for scale). On the right, the jumbo-scale dandies with an actual fly sitting on the flower (a real fly, not one of the handmade puppets) with a picture of a fly on the reference wall in the background.

There are a crop of cottage-sized dandies growing on Rana's roof as well. Where else will she be able to grab a hank of roots to throw in the soup pot?


  1. 2 wonderfull images....thanks for sharing....halfland all the way.


  2. Thanks, Justin, Man. I had to take a picture when I saw that a real fly had decided to chill on the Halfland flower! HA!

  3. loving it all shelley!
    and The Fall is one of our favs too!!! Love it love it love it.

  4. Thanks, Jon and Shel xoxoxo

    I don't know how I missed The Fall for so long!?


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