Sunday, October 09, 2011

Look at dat One>

Chandelier with six lighted candles finished and more importantly, affixed and installed inside the cottage. Now that the cottage roof is ohsoclose to being actually completely complete, I was able to attached the twig chandelier with wire on an eye hoof on the underside of the cuppola. I then smashed a lot of wood epoxy over the wire to prevent it from having any swing whatsoever. This will be covered with gathered silk to look like a Victorian ruched covering at the top.

I plan to use an add'l amber LED hidden in the middle to cast a warm glow on the ceiling (seen on bottom right). Each candle stick is fitted over slim balloon battery op'd LEDs with small handcrafted flames made from thread, florescent paint, and mica for sparkle.

During the interior night Act*, this light, the embers in the hearth, several other lamps, candle sticks, and mirrored sconces will add plenty of cozy warmth to the scenes.

Halfland will be divided into four Acts; Dawn, Day, Dusk, and Dark. The series ends with a bonus Scene in the dessert at Sundown.


  1. Excellent tip, Jessica. Perhaps I can direct spot lights on the desired areas instead and/or in addition to the LEDs. Changing batteries in the chandelier will be much too difficult while shooting. I may decide to only turn on the candles LED's not for the shoot but for the set's display at a late point.


  2. later point, display at a later point.


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