Wednesday, November 09, 2011

6 Minutes in The Shop

Here's a random tour around the workshop taken on a recent cold rainy afternoon.

Come see just some of what's randomly in-progress on the tables and in the boxes in the workshop; snails, large-scale gardens being built with composite snail trails, message leaves reveal their answers, spiders in the attic, coloring book chickens, and more!

Next Tour: The completed fully-dressed set!


  1. Thanks for the tour. It was very interesting.

    Also, I love the mid-sentence editing :D

  2. Hey Dean! LOL--HA! I've never edited speech in iMovie before. Not easy w/o a timeline! Crazy fools.

    I'll pay more attention in future.

  3. I enjoyed that, thank you! I love how you've come up with all sorts of solutions and show us a little bit of your thought process.

  4. Shelley, I just love to peek into your studio! It's such an inspiring place!

    Thank you for sharing how the snail's going to move through the macro garden. – I learned so much again simply by watching what you do. The removable dirt pieces are a simple but clever solution!

  5. Thank you Josje and Jessica!

    I so appreciate your stopping by to see that clip! I love watching what both of you are up to each day as well!

    There's plenty more happening here, I'll try to show more this way. That way I don't have to wait until something is all the way done before showing it in progress.

    See you!

  6. Love the paint-by-number chicken! What a wonderful idea :)
    And great thinking on how you're going to reveal the answers on the leaves, I'm curious to see what it looks like on film.
    Thank you for the tour!

  7. Thanks, Lirael! I'll post a wee test clip of it when it's ready!

  8. love the macro set. great idea about the leaf and using chalk to hide the text. niiice.

  9. Thanks, Rich!{I'd say more but I'm defending my soup from a spoiled cat!]

  10. So cool....

    but NOTHING compared to a real visit of halfland!!!

    if its as close as a fan can get it certainly is cool...but I reccomend a visit to all.


  11. Aw, thanks, Justin! Thanks for a great promo!


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