Friday, November 04, 2011

Back in August, Halfland helper Esther brought her truly darling grandchildren to Halfland for the experience. I put them all to work of course. There's always crepe paper grass to plant here.

These kids were among the most intelligent and sincere people I've met. They don't watch television, they read, and I could tell the difference. It was dramatic.They delighted in seeing everything, actually helping on the set, etc. They were full of fanciful ideas for the film. I hope they'll be able to come again.

They better hurry, hopefully Halfland will be be all lovely and done before they graduate collage. :)


  1. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Oh that looks like a wonderful kiddly activity. The grass looks good and i agree with you, I think imagination is much freer without early television overload. Makes you wonder.

  2. Hi Melissa! It's true what you say. I could notice the difference in these cute kiddos. Their imaginations were more stimulated and ready to flow with their own creativity than TV watching/video gaming kids I have known.


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