Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Architect's Brief: Memo to Charles

Hi Charles, I respect your gifts and talents as an architect tremendously as you know. Thank you for your offer to come to the studio and work on Halfland! I'd most love your help building the main set cottage porch!

It's built now only to the point you see above (top) with a plank base and two holes for branch posts. The three references below show the flavor I'm hoping to get when it's finished, half Victorian/half rustic-primitive/organic.

I'd like a little overhang just over where the uprights are. At one point I had intended the porch's roof to run along the length of planking. But Cirelle pointed out it blocked the view of the cottage door too much. I agree, so, building just over half of it seems better to me now.

We can use whatever materials I happen to have here when you arrive, redwood lathing strips, scrap wood, hole drills, bolts, etc. It doesn't have to be structurally sound, and should disassemble/come away in pieces for when I'm needing to get past it for filming the cottage interior.

FYI: Each panel of the roof and each wall of the cottage already slide out and away independently for filming from any angle inside.

Let me know if this is something you'd like to tackle during your visit (we should start at 11a for something like this). If not, we can plant landscape grasses that have been made by other fine folks, more casually, if you'd prefer (starting at 1p).

What do you think?! Should I save the porch project for you?!

 UPDATE: Here is Charles emailed reply:
"Yay. I love porches. Let's go for it! See you at 11."



  1. Horay! It's so important to have like-minded allies!

  2. Hooray! I'm thrilled that such an accomplished professional will be coming here to help!

    (more so b/c Charles doubted Halfland would ever be finished once upon a time.!)

  3. D'awwwwww Thanks, Rich. (me too)

    Can't wait to show you more recent photos. It's move in ready!


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