Thursday, September 27, 2012

Halfland is Once Again Whole

It took all the King's Horses and all of his Men to get Halfland whole once again, my friends, but it is.

I'm back from the netherworld of illness and back at exciting work on the project, more thrilled than ever.

More photos of how the tree was cut apart for transport and how it was reassembled by a Halfland Hero. And the scoop on how another Halfland Hero came just before I got sick and build two set stages to fit the space. And how yet another completely new Halfland Hero has just shown up from the ethers to help and learn.

I am very clear now that everything is better when there is another person with you.

More soon...


  1. Whew!! So happy to hear you're over all that nasty sickness... and to see the mighty Answer Tree standing proud and tall again! I didn't realize you had to dismantle the tree, but then I guess it would never fit in a truck all in one piece.

  2. Yes! Me too, Mike!

    Yep, the tree had to be cut into three pieces to fit into a Halfland Hero's pick up truck bed. It took him $50 worth of gas in all the trips to transport all the set pieces over.

    He used an electric demolition saw (aka; The Magic Saw)and sliced through whatever was going on wit the tree armature construction, be it plaster, maché, plastic or metal, neeeeawwwwww, one slice through per cut.

    While he was cutting up the larger landscape pieces with it, it went right through the saw horse it was sitting on without that saw taking any notice!

    That thing is like a superpower.

  3. YAAAAAAAAAAAAY, welcome back Shelley :)

  4. I'm so sorry to hear you were so ill. Thrilled that you are better and now have a wonderful new abode to be and play in! Miss our chats...
    Love and kisses,

  5. Thanks, Jeff, Rich and Ulla!!! Wonderful to have your kind support.


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