Sunday, May 07, 2006

Shaping up

Started in early this morning adding scrap upholstery foam onto the Mach III. (There is a foam shop near me that I can buy rolls of foam in varying thickness for additional fleshy exploits later.) You'll notice the bolts in the feet now, when this animation practice armature is finished, I'll be experimenting with tiedowns on a rehearsal stage.

I'm having great illegal levels of fun shaping this trial puppet up with scissors. (HAVE TO stop for the day to do paid work.) But will pick this up again in days to come, further deep carving the foam to match the clay sculpt, adding hooves, etc.

Tomorrow I plan to cover the legs with faux shearling fleece, rather than squander the beautiful brown goat skin I have at the ready, in all its primitively lengthy, wispy curled glory, to ply on the final Rana puppet.


  1. Anonymous8:24 PM

    Great to follow your progress from the road. I am kvelling here in NYC reading this. So glad you are getting into the puppet now. This is where you excel and your millions of fans are about to be blown away. Keep going. This is getting really exciting. Can't wait to see those shearling hooves start to move. PK

  2. Wow Shel, that's some crazy-lookin' foam fabbin'! But you're getting maximum use out of those scraps and pieces. Lookin' good!

    Hey, I don't know if you're going to see it, but I posted a question at Sven's blog where you mentioned working on Oedipus. I was wondering, were you talking about the recent stopmo Oedipus made with fruits and veggies, or were you referring to Oedipus Rex, by Julie Taymor?

  3. Thanks, PK Dear, yes, finishing details are my strong suit to be sure. (I'd love to keep going on Halfland but I have other responsibilities as you know. It's all good though because I at least I go from grand passion to still pretty good activities and then back again.) I am lucky.

    Hi Mike, yeah, the 15 foot puppet was for Taymor's Oedipus. Quite a ride.

  4. You know, I can't remember if I ever mentioned that The Brothers Quay created a short within Julie's "Frida"?! Two worlds colliding again.

    I just read in the paper that Julie and Micheal Curry have collaborated on a new Opera, Grendel. Debuted in New York, It's here this month and then touring further I believe.

  5. I loved Frida. The Quay's contribution was icing on the cake. I'm equally enjoying watching your puppet fabrication process and tests.

  6. Hi DG, wow, I know what you mean, it is thrilling to watch each of us find our footing in stop motion art. If you're into it, there's nothing like sharing that.


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