Monday, May 01, 2006

These Are The Ultimate of Times for Animation

I'll share, strictly because I love you...

I just stumbled across what I think is an amazing animation resource, I'm certain there are others like it as well, but the fact that something like this exists at all, along with the Web in general, is about as miraculous for animators as I could have ever imagined. Do you all ever stop to think about what's really inside the processor box? (Maybe you've seen it when adding a card or whatnot) There are moments when I consider that these small pieces of silicone run in such a way as to enable us to travel, talk, and share ourselves globally. The experience continues to be nothing less than a marvel to me, a fact that is made all the more bewildering when I actually see that the hardware is not filled with magic elves inside after all.

BBC Motion Gallery. I checked it out by typing *Walking Goat* ( as an experiment for Rana and I got back several excellent clips of various goats from around the globe, walking from every angle I could ever need. I plan to advance these by frames until I can feel the correct motion for an animal walking, as Mike pointed out, with their extended hooves and lifted heels, etc.

I spent a long time in Home Despot (as we call it) today sniffing around for small metal things that could be adapted to joints and such. I got free advice from wise grey haired men with beards (not Clare this time) about how to rig my cottage wall panels so I can remove them/lift them out for shooting the interior. I got both flanges and screw eyes for the marionette-type above-set wires, etc. etc. Oh and mmmmmagnets!

I can hardly wait to test these innovations. Mike may be right, (there's no doubt of that, I'm just getting to it in my way) that the wires will shadow too much and/or the only way to go is with bolted through the floor tiedowns. But I've got to check some of these ideas out as I'm not only serving the techniques of stop motion and filmmaking with Halfland but also four dimensional fine art*.

(*By that I mean my art--not what should be considered good art to anyone else.)


  1. Very nice resource Shelley. Thanks for sharing. I knew nothing about it!

  2. Absolutely! I am enthralled every single day by some incredible resource for this project found online. I haven't been able to stay off it until 6 pm at all. It's just too good.


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