Sunday, February 11, 2007

My Varanda Rights

Today's little act was to continue filling in areas that needed it on the tree with newspaper clumps and duct tape (used up all the masking tape in the house) (seen as silver patches above.) A bigger step was that I finally blocked out the location of the cottage's porch in cardboard. I taped down large cardboard panels as armature bases that will be used to form hills on the East side landscape of the house.

To see things better, I threw together the quick digital image above of the snapshot of today's act along with a modified gazebo roof and a few other spare dressings added to help me start sorting out the roof design and construction. I also gave a lot of thought to how to join the wall panel seams when the cottage is assembled. I decided on stained wooden timber at the joins (attached to one side of one wall in each pair, also digitally sketched above.) would be a good way to go. There will be more plastering on all the walls, and more timber added in the Tudor (wattle and daub) style so the wood will seem to be more part of the home's consctruction at that point.

Making progress on the tree has really helped me to see my way through my construction confusion of how to build the set. It's thrilling for me to realize that I know how I can do this, because not so long ago it was all just a hazy, abstract vision.


  1. Anonymous12:41 AM

    Holy cow! Suddenly I can see the set much better...

    I've understood it intellectually -- and I know there's still a long way to go -- but this is the first time it's all really gelled and seemed, um, *house-ish*.

    Huzzah! Congratulations! ...And keep going!

  2. Shel, I love the vision, the gazebo roof is going to be perfect! and the tree, O, he looks amazing (is the tree a he? in Hebrew most trees are boys, Willows and Sycamores are girls).

  3. Nice cultural tree info there Hila!

    Shelley, the set is looking great. I love the way the tree is shaping up, the roof (digital, right?) will be perfect....I don't know if you've shared this or not yet, but what are the dimensions of the whole piece, base, tree and cottage?.....just curious, its looking huge!...
    Its nice to see you on such a roll, keep it up! I cant wait to see Rana clomping around in there......

  4. Thank you, Sven, thank you! Please God, I can't wait until you all can see how the house and tree look in my mind even more!!!! It's like my ideal fantasy place to be in, at peace with nature, warm, dry, safe, quiet, plenty of food and friends, ahhhhhh.

    A male tree it is then, Hila. It's a kind of Red Oak in my mind. The 100's of printed fabric leaves I bought for it are "red oak" so hopefully I can match the bark to that too. hee. xoxo

    I will measure and get back to you, Jeffery, on that, except I can say, yep, IT'S HUGE!!! Let me say for scale that the tree and the cottage are fitting across two 8' doors, with extra space between them, up on for saw horses! And the hollow inside that will be the fireplace is about the size of a softball.

    "I cant wait to see Rana clomping around in there" --Oh, mercifully yes--yes, me too!!... Dear Halfland, so help me please, my kingdom come. (my 1/2L. prayer?)

  5. Hey Herself!

    you are making it happen....great stuff.


  6. Anonymous8:09 PM

    Shel, Your sets are looking AWSOME! The tree is SOO full of charatcer! I Love it!

  7. The tree is looking awesomer and awesomer! I can see the essence of halfland in this one image - the tree is dionyssian nature growing harmoniously through and around the apollonian cottage. Perfect metaphor for mankind living harmoniously in nature!

  8. Anonymous11:00 PM

    ...*scratches head*

    Part of the vision for this set was to show it in a gallery at some point, right? Um, do you have garage doors on the room it's in? Is there really going to be a way to get it out once it's done?

  9. Thanks, Justin and Chris!

    Mike, I am sure you are completely right in your analysis of this, I just hadn't consciously thought of it. But, yes, when I think of the set finished it does have a total harmony with human (well, half human anyway) kind living in perfect union with all of nature. It is likely that Halfland in total is my deep yearning for that inside. It's that, and even more symbolically, but all of it healing and good.

    Oh, Sven, quit le scratchin' I'm glad you asked that. The whole set is Jamnormous--when assembled-- but it all will come apart into cake-like slices for both animating access, and gulp, moving it out.

    Height wise, it's more of a problem because I won't be able to hide the seams of the cut off branches as well. But, I may just cut em and then repair them in situ at the show space. (I'd show the exhibit here at our place, except I don't think people could come to this area comfortably.)


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