Sunday, February 04, 2007

A Pause in the Action

I feel slightly punky. Still working on my paper design too. Hoping to feel well enough to make some mache action tomorrow.

In the meantime, a pretty cool detective story unfolded in yesterday's Plum Crazy comments below.

Lots of love.

UPDATE: It's Monday night and I now feel like a sheet of gelatin dissolving in warm water, and NOT in a good way. So strongly sleepy all day and still so weak I'm unnerved by it. I'm trusting that the cause is exertion in dance class yesterday (why is a 44 year old absurdly attempting such rigors?) after staying up until 2 am and/or dehydration, both of which I'm trying to remedy slowly. I couldn't come up with genius paper designs for today so we moved the meeting to next week. I'll go at it again tomorrow, after my hopefully being able to sit upright and think for more than a 2 minute spate.

ART BONUS TODAY: My big achievement of the day was finishing a belated birthday card for a friend, part of which looks like this...The other part of it I can show after she receives it--in France. I used a new notion for me of quilting a real person's photo transferred onto fabric. I love the results and will be doing more of this!

But still, I'm jonesing hard for my 1/2L. small act, it's been 3 days. All I did on it today was tape up what was placed with my new roll of extremely cooperative (!) masking tape purchased yesterday whilst out. I am determined to make an even bigger move tomorrow even if I have to make it crawling.

Do take good care of you.


  1. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Hee, Detective Herself Watson.

    Thanks for ansering those questions I posted on Plum Crazies, Happy to have helped to have helped to unravel the family TREE abit. Kinda Fitting that it was posted on a TREE Post.

  2. HeeHaw, Ben, you're sure right about that!

    Leaf it to you to get at the root of the matter!

    Harhar. XD

  3. Anonymous12:39 AM

    I love the photo of you with your bella cat!!

  4. Awwww, thanks, Miss Corey! Every morning I get to see her is more delightful than any Christmas morning when I was child. (Great cat, lousy childhood!) hee.

  5. Anonymous10:38 PM

    Oh My!! I know that guy!! I cannot WAIT to flip it over to the other side!! I am laughing so hard knowing it has something to do with culottes!!!! Frenchhusband is going to love it! He is going to love you too!!
    You are too funny!! I am lucky!
    Thank you a million times already!! I am amazed that you created this when you weren't feeling well!!

  6. Get better soon Shelley!

  7. yes, take care ...!

    I really like the B day card.
    very cool!


  8. Anonymous2:13 AM

    Eat soup. Don't BE soup.

    Best wishes, Shellsy...

  9. I LOVE that card Shelley! Get well soon.

  10. Thank you one and all. I'll be ok. I just ate soup and made a cup of cowboy coffee. Now I'm back to just plain punky limp washclothville.

    Heehee Corey, I thought you read every so often and that I could slide that one by you! Ooops. Paul put your Frenchhusband in the mail for me today. Happy Birthday.

    Hey, Erica!

  11. Hope You're feeling better.
    The art bonus is wonderful, lucky Corey.


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