Saturday, April 19, 2008

Art Bonus: Crewel Bird 2008

Meet "Binny Hen"
This year's Crewel Bird is one of my favs. I'm enjoying giving a little more animation to the stances and giving a little more wit to my characters.

April 19th is my mother's birthday. Every year for her present I make her a bird (she loves little birdies) of some kind out of hand-made woolen pom poms. (Crewel is the type of loosely twisted, worsted [woolen] yarn used for tapestry and embroidery.) It's a play on the pun of cruel and crewel, as in they are meant to be so cute that it hurts.

Continuing the theme of gently ribbing (as I do) her current involvement in the world that is Officially Accepted and Organized Religion (She's happy--so hey), this year's bird is, "Binny Hen" (A play on well known Christian Evangelist, Benny Hinn--I crack myself up like an egg!)

She's definitely off to somewhere in a big hurry in her kerchef, holding her (good) book under wing. I like the method of making the legs out of steal wire and wrapping the form with tapestry wool yarn. The wet-felted wool pom poms are awaiting being made into character in the background. The eyes are painted glass yellow beads.)

Happy Birthday, Mom! (I'll put her in the mail to you soon!)



  1. This is awesome, Shel. Love it. Made me laugh several times. Benny Hen. That's really funny. I actually think it should be Benny Henn.

  2. You are never at a loss for wit! Cracked me up too.

  3. Hey,,,, before sending him off to yo mama, you COULD do just a wee bit of um..... what's that called again? You know.... that one thing, where you like move it and then take a picture....

    Binny and the Dragon..... I'm just sayin"......


  4. Thanks, Mike! I thought of it. She's so damn comically animate-able just standing there. But I haven't bought my copy of Dragon yet (I haven't checked but I assume the beta has expired). And I haven't purchased the camera that feeds the Dragon yet.

    I could take stills with the box--but her wire legs aren't created for that click move thang and just before I read this I boxed her up real purdy.

    Me wannie make pupps real baaaad. Soon?

  5. very very cute!


  6. Thanks, Justin! I loved Nickki's sculpt! WOW!


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