Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Speed Maché: Would You Like Paper or Plastic?

Brown Grocery Bag layer: DONE! (photo on right barely shows pathway from cottage door to stream in red resin paper with gutter mesh underneath to support puppet tiedowns later.)(photo taken in pre-dawn darkness @5am)

I made a big push yesterday and covered THE WORLD'S LARGEST PINATA aka; the rest of the entire set, in a second layer. This one was torn up brown grocery bags and is the strongest used so far, by far. It took a lot more starch to soak up enough to make the spongy thick stock smooth down. Now that it's dry, I can tell how much dramatically stronger it is than the thinner layers. I plan to make the next two sonic-speed layers with two colors of newsprint and then finish off the set with another heavy weight coat like this one, perhaps with plaster instead of starch. That'll do, Donkey.

Then comes texture and paint!! woo.

I loved doing all this maché yesterday. I only once had the "I'm insane to be doing this" thought (after about 7 hours) and that was only because I was looking ahead to all the work left to do. When I came back to what I was doing it was a pleasure in and of itself. When Intern Sophie said yesterday how much time flew and how much fun this was, I told her that this was the boring part so, if she liked this, later was going to be off the charts!


  1. looking Great! Hard to imagine that it could look better, though i know it will. You must have done a LOT of grocery shopping to cover that much ground.

  2. "World's largest pinata"... Heh!

    I'm wondering if someone will ever search that term, thinking they'll get Guiness Book of World Records -- and find you instead. :)

  3. Thanks so much, Ryan! Yep, Before I bought reusable grocery bags I would save (and reuse) brown bags for years! Got just one stack left now!

    Hiya, Sven! Hey, anyone looking for the World's Largest Pinata will NOT be disappointed to see this I'll wager! Let them Google! hee.

  4. Looks like you could throw some seeds on that ground and grow some

    well done guys!


  5. Hi justin!--now, that's an i-dee! It would solve a lot of problems if I could just grow the landscape!

    I'm still really jealous over Peter & the Wolf's live baby trees on set. Nothing beats the look of natural.

  6. Beautiful, Shelley! Lookin' goooooood :)


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