Monday, April 14, 2008

Meet The Intern

I am so blessed to have Sophie as the First Halfland Intern! She and her sister, Tash, have been coming to the shop for a few years when they could fit a visit in to make some art. When they were here a few weeks ago helping me file some papers, I "casually" (Ha! More like laid in wait like a tiger) mentioned that "If she *might* be interested... I would be open to having her intern on the project in exchange for learning some techniques involved in making a stop motion film. Things like character design, sculpting, mold-making, casting, sets, animation, etc." I was surprised that she said yes, only learning today that her favorite movie of all time is Nightmare Before Christmas!

We had great conversation while machéing today. Between the rips of thick brown paper we talked about her various options for doing this type of thing for a living in the future (LAIKA's 70 stages filled with artists vs. doing your own thing, etc. Hi Internet!), ways of figuring out what story she'd like to tell through stop mo ("Make it a story you want to tell passionately so you won't mind the work it takes to make it"), scale ("Don't do it as large as Halfland whatever you do!").

"Hey, I know.. how about making your first short a music video?!" Which got this snowboarding, surfing, skiing, rock climbing, soccer playing, gymnast sweetheart to make the unmistakable sound of a young artist being forever hooked into this racket, "OOOoooooooooooooooooooo! YES!!!!!" (Look out--we got another one!)

Every other Monday. I couldn't ask for a better apprentice. I'm thrilled to have her.


  1. Heehee, that photo made my day. How lucky for the both of you, I love collaboration and symbiosis, mentors and helpers. What fun you guys are going to have creating these worlds. Always best to do it with t friend!

  2. Hey there Sophie!

    nice to meet ya in blog terms that is.....

    as for Halfland.....great news.You will move forward even faster!

    congrats to you both.


  3. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Yep.... she's definitely one of us.


  4. *Waves* Hello Intern!

    Ah, learn well young Padawan. Of course, I'm totally jealous. I've worked on a few Stop-mo's now but nothing like HalfLand. Look at that tree, unreal!

  5. Welcome to the family, Sophie!

  6. Thanks for the big friendly welcome, Guys! Sophie will read this link tomorrow.

    I realized this morning that what I didn't properly convey about her reaction, "OOOOooooooooooooooooooo" was that it came from a deep gut place in her. It was a l o w tone, more like a growl!

    When I heard the change in tone in her voice from normal young girl to savage growl from down in her toes, I knew she was stop mo bit!

  7. Shelley's got an intern! :) Awesome!
    It'd be cool to have her blog something here every once and awhile too!

    Welcome, Sophie!

  8. Perfect idea, Ubbie! I'll ask her!


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