Friday, April 21, 2006

Another Great Art Day with the Girls

Wednesday with the kids: Sophia made an original necklace featuring a tin parrot that she adapted for a bead, as well as some creative papercraft, and her introduction to needle-felting wool. Her big sister, Natasha, continued to make additions to her ongoing project of a detailed, miniature, wooden, display house, complete with an angora wool throw at the foot of the 4-inch, down-filled bed. These girls are as sweet as they are beautiful and are welcome here to create as often as they possibly can make time to in their supercharged lives.


  1. Anonymous3:45 PM


  2. Oh yes!! Thank you, Ulla! They asked me over lunch why I decided to do art. A smart question I thought. I answered that I thought it best for everyone, if given the chance, to do what's innate or natural to them rather than fighting natural inclinations. That if I went to heaven I would be living exactly as I am, doing exactly what I'm doing, so that for me this is a lucky life.

    They both want to work with sea creatures, like dolphins, one day. Sophia wants to take the Sea World trainer course for her birthday next year. I wish them every good luck with it.

  3. Anonymous6:49 AM

    "I'm considering using the LIO method... a kitchen timer set to 20 minutes, and when it goes off, so does the computer... "

    Well .... that sort-of/kind-of works but can fail. I like your limited internet access idea, but now that I got broadband internet for almost a year, I can't go back. All those total hours of "life" spent, just "waiting" using dial-up internet.

    Just the nature of all these high tech toys. Humans can get addicted to "anything". Now, the masses are drawn & lured into "over-connected" compulsions (geeeez .... 8 year old kids with cell phones now?)

    I got some time management books sitting in my reference library. Still, very difficult. You got to WRITE stuff down, To-Do list, check it off, etc.. I try, but it's hard and I slack off many times. My "joe-job" for some years now, has been graveyard shift and it seems to screw around with one's time clock .... one feels more lethargic or out of sync. I purposely did not get Cable TV package (with cable broadband). More excuse for me to slack off more! So ... a mixed blessing, "the internet". Incredible communication & information tool (sometimes too much info overload) and connecting with people .... but it has its dark side. It's an escape too from the crap in "life" :(


  4. Anonymous6:57 AM

    I posted in wrong topic. My comments should have been previous one. Does the blogging features allow you to move comments? That friggn graveyard shift job disorienting the mind. What day is it? Saturday, Sunday? ;)


  5. Hi u know who (do I?), I can't move comments, sorry about that, but I read them all know matter where they are. I'm with you on the connection blessing/curse. If I can control myself with it, it'll all be good. So far, so good.

  6. I know who!!!

    There's only one person who writes like that.

    It's the Matt Drudge of stopmotion.... it's Lionel Ivan Orozco himself!

  7. Otherwise known as LIO.


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