Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Casting is Complete

This is the master sculpt and finished shell house of the pink snail. Her window curtains get filthy as she drags them through the mud. The warm glow from her porch lantern rocks back and forth as she lumbers along into dusk.

4 Main Characters:
(in order of appearance)

Black Mermaid (Kyra)
Goat Wise Woman (Rana)
Moth Man Hunter (Yanu)
Wounded Crow Woman (Tarn)

Main Character:
(special cameo appearance)

Ancient Serpent Musician (Urhu)

13 Supporting Cast Members:
(in order of appearance)
Reader Participation--I welcome any ideas for naming any character below without a name already...

Writing Mouse
Decorative Spider
Painting Chicken
Queen Bees
Handicapped Butterflies
Time Frog
Snoring Cat (Bosq)
Birds in Hats
Knitting Beetles
Pink Snail
Tortoise Hare (T'Har)
Marching Ants

Environmental Characters:
(in order of appearance)

Green Hills (human body contours)
Stream Stones (human body contours)
Hearth Flames (human body contours)
Flowering Thoughts (human figure animation)


  1. Astonishing. Everything you describe is dripping with imagination. Without even having seen these beings yet, they all seem so full of life -- each one must have another ten background stories waiting in the wings.

    Oooh... I'm excited to see more. :-D

    And the pink snail is adorable! I love it!!

  2. Thanks so much, Sven!!! You've no idea (but of course you must from having your own blog!) but having someone come by and visit and encourage me like this really eggs me on to GITMOVIN!! Thank you so much for that.

  3. Oh, yes, I understand. ;-)

    ...Say: if you're taking requests, and if you have time at some point, I'd love to hear details about how you constructed the snail. I'm a tutorial junkie -- always wanting to know: how did you make that wonderful thing?

    (Though, please, do what's most important for you next, always first!)

  4. It's so awesome to at last hear so much detail about Halfland after only hearing bits and pieces for so long. It all sounds incredible! I know your stint with Julie Taymor was deeply inspiring and a played huge part in the conception of Halfland.

    Hey, your blog is a big hit! It got a mention at, which is a big internet site.

    sigh my little Shelley is growing up!

  5. Hey, Thanks, Mike!!! You know at the risk of making people nauseous at our mutual fan clubbing, by gum I'm gonna risk it... I think people who know you through your incredible work at the SMA boards as well as your own treasure trove at, knows that you are the most unselfish of friends a person could ever have. (I can at least hide this little note of appreciation to you here, as opposed to the giant billboard that could be read by Google Earth Satellites like I'd like to!!)


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