Friday, April 07, 2006

Made From The Same Mold

These are the step by steps taken so far for the Time Frog character, from armature to mold ready to pour with latex. It will be finished like a regular green frog except one of its eyes is rather a clock face with ornate hands (below) that I snatched from an antique pocket watch found in an attic.

My grandfather was on the Academy Awardtm winning team that made the special effects for the original Planet of the Apes at MGM. And it was only when I started making plaster molds as an adult that I flashed back to being in his dusty workshop as a little girl, looking up to see the entire room lined with plaster life masks of Hollywood's biggest stars. I was gripped by the thought of interests and inclinations being so powerfully linked to genetics.


  1. I am looking forward to seeing more animation. Perhaps the snail. When?

  2. Hah! Shelley, you can't escape the badgering! You're going to have to show some animation soon!

  3. Okay, you two... I-K-N-O-O-o-o-w! I think it's better to post than not. Wrong AGAIN!!? O.K--Next post; Film 2, Scene One. Sunday.

  4. High five Himself! I think we're breaking through! And yes Shel... posting good. Even better with video.

  5. Yes -- better to post than not!

    I go through periods of not posting, and then wonder why my brain is all clogged up... Writing posts unclenches my fisty mind; let go of the old thoughts, and the opened hand can catch onto something new.

    I try to keep reminding myself: You don't have to post finished products; talk about questions, talk about where you're stuck. Explore a little, then document. Show and tell: a photo, and the story behind it.

  6. Curious: If the mold is silicone, what are you casting Time Frog in? Resin?

  7. I agree with you, Sven, but my taskmasters are
    relentless. They are out for motion pixels and nothing
    else is gonna satisfy them. Both of you are right, it
    is helping me to write what progress was made each
    day, even if it's just a confusion, as you say; often
    phrasing the question reveals the answer. And they are
    also right, where it concerns me. I have a little
    actually "doing" of the animation issue, say for the
    last decade and a half! using Framethief and an editing program are the hardest part for me because of unfamiliarity.

    For the Frog, I'm going to first try a thick latex slush
    mold, even though it's soft to soft. If that doesn't
    work, I'll press something into it, even layers of brown papier mache if
    necessary. I may have to layer a paper base with a
    latex dip to get a translucent rubbery flesh look.

    Cheers and thanks!!


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