Sunday, April 02, 2006

Birds in Hats

Here's a little sketch of some of the planned background action taking place in the cottage, vignette characters if you like, carrying on in their nest on a lower branch. They are tiny birds that wear fancy hats adorned with feathers. They try on various styles and take turns admiring the variety of styles they select from a stack of decorative hat boxes kept in the nest. I call them directly enough; "Birds in Hats."

Tomorrow I'll outline the plan for the 1 minute short series.




    Wow Shelley, I can't freakin' believe you actually did this!!! So ultimately cool!!! I'm utterly and completely blown away by the high-res photo sweetness. It's about time you entered the blogosphere with Halfland. I've loved the idea from the first, and now seeing the setpieces and props just seals the deal. Your plan is a great one... a blog really does help you push yourself. I'll be watching....

    (Oh, and this is Darkstrider by the way.... my Blogger name is smsteam for the StopMoShorts blog)

  2. what fun! It looks like FUN!

  3. Mary, if by fun you mean that greatest thrill and pleasure I've ever had, then yes, it's fun!!! Ha!


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