Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Testing the Wares

View this clip on Vimeo
"Maus"; Animation test from last August. Literally my first time animating anything. Bosq the cat on Rana's chair being harassed by her writing mouse, all on loan from Halfland for this scene, just so I could see whether the camera and the software worked. (On my desk, no tie downs, natural light at end of day, Unibrain web cam, Framethief software, edited in iMovie.)


  1. I love the animation. The lighting especially, the composition with the chair at an angle, the way the cat's ear moves. Great potential.

  2. It's ALIVE!!!

    Lookin' great Shel! Yes, the Uni wants a nice workout. I completely agree with your estimation that the art is nothing without the work. The actual physical labor is the catalyst that fires up this alembic and makes the magic happen. I gotta admit... there were times I wasn't sure you were gonna make it.... hell there were times I wasn't sure I was gonna make it! But it looks like we're both on our way. It's all always about what you can do - what you ARE doing - right now. Even though you know you can't make the deadline. Even though your computer decided to go on the fritz right when you got started. Even though you've got a headache and your back is throbbing and you didn't get enough sleep last night. Even though you don't feel quite ready (you never will).

    I absolutely love the glimpses so far of Halfland, and can't wait to see it emerge from your psyche little by little.

  3. Thank you, Matty! --I scanned your blog! Pretty girls! So I know you have good taste ;^}


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