Friday, April 07, 2006

Character Development

By Special Request from Sven over at Scarlet Star Studios (, Here's a little more on the Pink Snail's construction. It's in two separate parts; the snail and the shell. The snail part is currently a fired (hardened) ceramic master sculpt that will be cast in a soft silicone, lined with wire along the outer edges to make those slow undulating ribbons of movement that snails do as they travel over uneven ground. The finish will be flesh pink color and will glisten. The shell is nearly finished as you see it above, it's fully furnished too with age-crackled tiny floral patterned wallpaper and a portrait of "mom" inside. I wasn't kidding about the porch light being wired, I've got a teensy model train lantern light rigged in there which will be connected to a small transformer hidden inside the shell house when shooting the outside.

The shell started out as a softball-sized frame of chicken wire which was papier mached and finished with layers white paint and of ochre/brown glazes. Its front door, window box, and window frame were made of cut, textured and tinted balsa wood. The brass door knob and decoration on window box were the tops of pins with the points cut off. The lantern was constructed out of thin pieces of cardboard, taped and painted to look like iron. The roof was a spiral of hand-cut balsa crammed with moss. Curtains by Dior. Kidding, but I did dip the bottoms of them in dirty paint water to stain them.

Cheers, Thanks for asking!


  1. My god that is a thing of beauty!

    Even completely still it's alive with detail and grace. I can already imagine how sweet it'll be in motion.

  2. Hey, any chance you could open your blog to comments by people who don't have Blogger accounts? Then I could be Darkstrider rather than the rather bland SMS Team! And you might hear from more people as well.

  3. Thank you Sooooooo much again, Mike, sigh, happiness. :+)

    I'll check out the comment controls and see about opening it up. Thanks for suggesting that!

  4. Done! Welcome, World!

  5. Anonymous11:09 PM

    Thank you Shelley!

    I just adore all the little details. :-D The shell is not just a house; it's a house with curtains. But they're not just curtains; they're curtains that are soiled from being dragged along the ground. Such delicious poetic details...

  6. Hi Sven!! Thanks so much for appreciating these little
    details that continue to amuse me as well!! I suspect
    you may like the rest that is coming! It's amazing to
    have people like these ideas. They've been inside my
    head alone for so long. It's so odd to feel now like
    other people are inside my head all of a sudden! Is
    this normal I wonder?!

    I've never had an experience quite like it--I love it!

    Thank you!

  7. Anonymous7:47 AM

    I just love this! and a working porch light - no obession here right??? Nice idea with the curtains, I like to use tea and walnut ink too...

  8. Thanks Ulla!! Yes, Major Monomania to be sure. I also use and love walnet ink and tea, we are so alike!


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