Saturday, April 29, 2006

See, See What Happens!?!!

Okay, here's what happened, I turned on my computer because I had some graphic work to do, yeah, and I only spent an hour visiting blogs (it IS a leisure day afterall said the whisper way in the back) As I puttered around the house, Leo Laporte (the tech guy) radio show was talking about new ways of posting hi res video to the web* and suggested checking out for an example of tv quality compression settings. It's getting good folks. In pursuit of more understanding (just for a second), I bloggy linked from there to for a stop motion video college final by Katrina Whalen.

Here's the things I liked about it; I liked how the music, action, and materials used had a total cohesive and integrated feeling. I liked how the paper puppets looked in the middle of the clip and how the lenses winked at the end. I liked how she called the animators "movers".

I'm going to try to salvage some animation practice time later, pinky swear.

*Leo's advice: "I recommend one of two encodings for the best quality and lowest file size for streaming video:
MPEG-4 or its sccessor H.264
For DiVX you might want to try the new, free, open source Dr. DiVX.
For MP4 or Quicktime, buy the pro version of Apple’s Quicktime.
For free storage, try"

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