Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A New Day

Everything's much better here, things are done.

We've been having a mini conference on the virtues of wire over other material in the comments, beyond that even talking about whether machining armature parts, like Sven and Mike have done, is really within my grasp. I've always been a brick wall when it comes to doing metal work myself due to the additional equipment needed, time involved to make them, and noise, etc. Buying custom machined armatures are outside my budget and approach to this.

Then like a dawning day, a stream of sunlight broke through... I remembered that my friend and neighbor just downstairs, Clare, a fine fine artist, has had an expert hobby interest in making steam locomotives to scale. I'm talking; he machines and fabricates all the parts himself on the equipment he has downstairs!!! Duh--never occurred to me to connect these two things up before this! We've always just talked about paint and paper and ballet and music and sculpture and--I may have to speak to him about how I could make a few pieces down there!

Next step: Practice making wire and block armatures with what I have bought already to try and order some Almaloy per Mike's advice to try as well. I'll report back with further test clips.

In the meantime tomorrow, I'll show one way to make thoughts flower.


  1. Anonymous2:03 AM

    Well that's mighty useful, living above a guy who has his own machine shop!
    Armatures are so important, it will really make your animation experience so much more enjoyable.

    Keep it up, enjoying the blog.

  2. ohhh...i hope your connection with your neighbor works out. how perfect to be able to support one another artistically.

    thank you for your comment on my blog a few days ago, bohemianwomyn!

    xoxoxo i LOVE your natural hair.

  3. Accckkkk!! Phil Dale, Animator Extraordinaire Supreme, reads my blog!!! Holy surface gages, I'm dead chuffed. This is so cool. I hope to get up to speed animating as I progress along here and one fine day have something to delight people of every level of expertise who might happen by!! That will be a very nice day indeed.

    And Bohemian Girl, Welcome to you!!! I see your comments often across the web I read and always find you to be sweet and supportive of everyone. So nice to know you have my back!!!

  4. Heh.....
    Yep Shel, you're in there good now!! Isn't it amazing what happens once you start blogging? And I'm tellin' ya... yours is THE happenin' stopmo blog these days. I can feel the Halfland excitement spreading throughout the universe......


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